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How to: handle extremely hot weather on your wedding day

There are plenty of reasons to host a wedding in summer, and it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular time of year, but with summer weddings can come extreme heat. We’re talking 35+ degrees with absolutely no wind in sight.  Some of the best weddings we’ve ever been to certainly haven’t been the best weather, so don’t panic, but it’s best you be prepared.

This topic recently came up in our Facebook group, ‘Wedchat by WedShed’, so we thought we’d pull a few of the handy tips that came through for all to read right here.

Here are our essentials to incorporate into your planning to make any summer wedding a breeze.

Photography by The White Tree.

hot wedding weather


  • Ice-cream truck

No doubt there will be a bunch of happy “ahhhs” from your guests when their eyes land on an ice-cream truck at a hot summer wedding. Consider an ice-cream truck like Mr Goaty Gelato who is based in NSW, The Gelato Bike, Art & Go Artisanal Gelato, and Carelli D’Amore.

  • Wooden fans

We love the idea of having wooden fans at your wedding, which can be given in replacement of wedding favours and left on each seat at the ceremony alongside bio-confetti to throw on the bride and groom as they walk up the aisle.

  • Refreshing drinks

Really goes without saying, but keeping your guests hydrated and cool is the best way to ensure they aren’t agitated. We’re talking fruit and mint infused water, plenty of iced water and alcoholic beverages of choice.

  • Sunscreen

Easily forgotten but happily remembered, a big old fashion tub of sunscreen or an aerosol variety is going to keep guests happy on arrival to your ceremony.

  • Stay away from liquid foundation

Head for a powder-based makeup to avoid frequent trips to the restroom to fix foundation and lipstick or use airbrush makeup that’s sweat, water and tear-proof.

  • Consider the food you’re serving

Heavy food and heat simply do not mix and this kind of food on a blistering hot day is not what your guests are going to want to chomp on. Consider cold canapés like cold prawns and salmon blinis instead.

  • On hand toiletries 

Have on hand a small survival kit for the heat. We’re thinking face blotters, sunscreen, travel-size deodorant, and body wipes back at the bridal suite ready to go after the ceremony.

  • Put your hair back

Sometimes a good old hair tie or a hairstyle that keeps your hair off your back is the best way for the ladies to stay cool pre-ceremony.

  • Hire fans for marquee weddings

We’re all for marquee weddings – they absolutely save the day when it comes to wet weather, but they can also get a little hot and sticky if they’re not prepped and ready for a summer wedding. We wholeheartedly recommend adding in some fans.

  • Mosquito repellent candles

With heat generally comes flies and mosquitos. Grab some mosquito-repelling candles from Bunnings to avoid having these guys buzzing around all night.

  • Get married in the shade 

No word of a lie, we’ve been at a wedding ceremony where guests stood in the blazing sun for an hour and two guests fainted. Don’t do this to people – if the forecast is a scorcher, we’d strongly suggest moving your ceremony into a shaded area for the comfort of not just yourselves but your entire guestlist. Or hire enough large market umbrellas to shade all your loved ones.

  • Think of your vendors

Don’t forget the gang who are on their feet all day long and who helped you pull the whole day off. Have plenty of cold water bottles on hand for your vendors.

8th November, 2019

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