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    Find Inspiration

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I've just started planning a wedding and it's naturally overwhelming, but your blog articles are rocking my world – it's useful information that's incredibly relevant and makes doing the research fun. I hope you enjoy what you do because you're doing an incredible job!!!

    Cate Ephcott

    I was starting to worry, lacking inspiration and thoroughly failing at planning my wedding until today when I found this wonderful corner of the internet where this site so happened to be, I've made more progress planning in the last few hours than I have in the last few months!

    Seyda Ermanli

    Oh god. They’re all so beautiful. Send help.

    Georgia Warren

    Ladies, I feel the need to message and say THANK YOU! Finding a venue that is unique is one of the hardest things I have done and when you can’t find find that one, the planning becomes stressful more then fun. Up until I was recommended wedshed – I have already searched and seen 4 venues I love. Look forward to working with you.

    Abbie Renolds

    WedShed helped me to find a venue the suited what we wanted after many months of looking and not being able to find the right type of place. Thanks again for the helpful website.

    Isabella Boddy

    To be honest , the site is by far in my opinion the best wedding venue site that I have visited and I’m recommending it to everyone I know who is planning their weddings.

    Alicia Allison

    We enquired about a venue through WedShed, went and had a look at the venue, loved it and booked it. It was the first venue we looked at, so the whole process was super easy and enjoyable. Your site is great for nice big photos and initial info to help decide if it’s worth going to see the venue.

    Keren Moran

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