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Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much?

wedding flowers cost

We know, budgeting is tough when it comes to weddings and you probably weren’t expecting your wedding flowers quote to make you sweat. But trust us when we say, there’s SO much more that goes into it than most people think and it’s totally worth it.

Featured florals by Bower Botanicals, captured by Nina Claire Photography.

Flowers by Bower Botanicals, captured by Nina Claire Photographer.

Here’s what goes into your wedding flower quote:

  • Early starts and long hours (we’re talking 3-4 am for some weddings)
  • Travel to and from the flower market
  • The cost of keeping the flowers fresh and cool (often stored in big refrigerators)
  • Prepping the flowers (cutting, snipping and spraying)
  • The creation of the arrangements
  • Travel to and from the venue
  • Their time spent in installing or setting up the flowers at the venue
  • Travel to and from where the bridal party is getting ready to deliver the bouquets and/or flowers for the flower girl
  • Delivery to the groomsmen for their buttonholes
  • Pack down, cleaning and disposal of flowers
  • Paying a team to pull it all together. More often then not they’re big jobs needing more than a one-person team and don’t forget weekend rates

This doesn’t even take into account the time that’s spent liaising with you and your partner:

  • Sending quotes
  • Discussing your vision and pulling something together from your inspiration images/Pinterest boards and so forth
  • Ensuring the right flowers will be available and doing the research with their suppliers
  • Pre-negotiated rates with flower growers
  • Site visit

And like any business:

  • The damn tax man
  • Rent
  • Website running costs
  • Advertising
  • Software

Not to mention the fact they need to make a little margin too (as much as it’s a labour of love for all the florists we know, they’ve got to make money just like you want to make a salary).

To make sure that you’re on the same page with your florist from the get-go and to avoid disappointment, we’d recommend being upfront with what you’d prefer to spend. Or if you’re not sure how much that is yet, you could ask what’s possible for $X amount, $XX amount, and $XXX amount (so three different price points). 

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13th May, 2020

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