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What To Look For When Booking Your Wedding Accommodation

Boo-ya! You’re getting married and perhaps starting to think about wedding accommodation (hot tip: book it early). For couples having a destination wedding, this task is obviously born out of necessity but there are plenty of couples who simply want somewhere special to get ready with their wedding party and/or to stay on their wedding night.

Not only does it add to the entire wedding experience (getting to stay somewhere flash is always a novelty) but it also means you don’t have to tidy your own home. This is a big bonus in our eyes.

But before you pay any kind of deposit, it’s worth reading some of our suggestions on what to look for when booking your wedding accommodation. There are some key features that can really enhance your stay but that are easily and often overlooked.

We were recently spoilt by Belle Escapes who gave us a taster of luxe wedding accommodation during a team biz-planning session. And the experience  sparked the motivation for this article.

Featured Clare De Lune Waterfront, NSW.


For wedding parties

If you’re booking wedding accommodation so that you and your wedding party have somewhere spesh to get ready, some things we’d look out for include:

  • Full length mirrors. This is essential to see how you all look from head to toe.
  • Heating / air-conditioning. There is nothing worse than having fripples (frozen nipples) except for maybe tit sweat. Both are bad and we highly recommend booking a place that has heating and air-con for these reasons.
  • Enough beds. Now is not the time to scrimp and get the blow-ups out. You want everyone to be on their A-game and that starts with a well-rested sleep.
  • Large surface areas. Having a large island bench to serve food on and a large table for hair and makeup to set up on is ideal.
  • Multiple bathrooms. This is generally a simple case of supply vs. demand.
  • Natural light. Having good natural light is helpful for makeup artists and also makes for better getting ready photos. It’s a known natural mood-booster, too.
  • Parking. Is it easy for people to park (florist, photographer, hair and makeup etc.)?


For couples

So you want to stay somewhere on your wedding night that’s worthy of the occasion because let’s face it – you do this whole shebang once (well, that’s the plan). Here are the boxes we’d be trying to tick:

  • Boujee master bedroom. This is one night you want to feel fancy.
  • Jacuzzi or spa bath. A romantic way to end the evening.
  • Late check-out. Because there is nothing better in life than not having to set an alarm.
  • Luxurious bedding. Based on the assumption you’ll be spending some time between the sheets (wink, wink).
  • Bottle opener. We can’t think of anything worse than not being able to open that nice bottle of wine you were gifted to enjoy on your wedding night (tip: pack one in the car in case).
  • Fireplace. Not essential but definitely a bonus if you’re getting hitched in the cooler months.


For pre or post-wedding celebrations

Hosting a pre or post-wedding celebration? Good for you – they’re fun! Here are some amenities that will help to make it an even more memorable and seamless event:

  • Pool. Instantly creates a relaxed vibe plus it keeps people cool.
  • Large dining table. Perfect for hosting an intimate lunch or dinner or just to have enough seats for everyone to eat breakfast together.
  • Entertaining areas. Are there any designated, large entertaining areas? Preferably with a pergola, barbecue, seating etc.
  • Sound system. The rule of any good gathering is that you’ve got to have beats. Of course you can always BYO bluetooth speakers.
  • Large communal kitchen. Everyone gravitates to where the food and drinks live (especially when hungover). Having plenty of space and facilities for food prep (whether you’re getting it catered or DIY) and for people to mingle is a must.
  • Parking. Is there plenty of street parking or is it easy enough to get an Uber?


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24th June, 2021

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