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Wedding Traditions. Are They Quite Literally A Thing Of The Past?

wedding traditions

When it comes to wedding traditions, there’s a whole swag of them. It’s completely up to you if you’d like to incorporate any, all or none of them into your wedding day.

Wherever there’s room to inject some of your personality into your wedding day, we’d encourage it. For example, while a bouquet toss might be an old tradition, you can own it for yourself by putting a soundtrack of a fave song to it. Or toss something completely different to a bouquet. Or just leave this out altogether.

Our ultimate advice here? Think about what makes YOU guys excited on a tradition front, keep those things and change or leave out the others. Honest to goodness, all you actually need at your wedding is a certified celebrant to marry you – the rest is completely up to you.

Below you’ll find some of the most long-standing wedding traditions, as well as some thought-starters on alternative ideas.

wedding traditions

Sleeping Separately The Night Before

  • Staying together the night before.
  • Getting ready together.

Father Walking The Bride Down The Aisle

  • Mother and father both walk the bride down the aisle together.
  • Walking down solo.
  • A couple walking down the aisle together.
  • The bride walks half-way down the aisle with the step-father, halfway with the biological father.
  • Step-father and biological father walk the bride down together.
  • Brother walks the bride down the aisle.

Couple’s family sit on opposite sides of the ceremony

  • Everyone sits or stands together, wherever they please.

Flower Girls and Page Boys

  • Flower nans and page poppies.
  • Flower and page pets.
  • One or the other.
  • None at all.

Readings During Ceremony

  • Group sing-alongs.
  • Readings from a favourite song or book.
  • Lucky dip draw of guest’s name to see who will do the reading.
  • The couple does a reading to guests instead.

Bride “Given Away” By The Parents

  • Parents offer their support for the new family with a group hug.
  • Parents of both couples invited to give each other a hug.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

  • Mixed gender parties.
  • Mixed numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • No wedding party at all.

Groom Makes Speech On Behalf Of The Couple

  • Both parties make a speech.
  • Either together or separately.

First Dance After Dinner

  • First dance anytime!
  • As soon as the reception begins.
  • No solo first dance – invite all guests to join you on the dancefloor to get the party started.
  • No first dance.

Cake Cutting

  • No cake cutting.
  • No cake.
  • A private moment between the couple.
  • Alternative dessert cutting.

Bouquet Toss

  • No bouquet toss.
  • Toss a packet of popcorn or favourite food.
  • Saving your bouquet and taking it to a close family member’s grave.
  • Saving your bouquet and donating it to a hospital, retirement centre, place of significance for you and your partner.

Garter Strip and Toss

  • No garter.
  • Groom wear garter.

Consummating The Marriage

  • Passing out from fatigue.
  • Passing out drunk.
  • Eating a late-night burger or pizza.
  • Late-night bath and bed.


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9th January, 2020

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