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The top wedding photography trends for 2019
It’s unlikely you’ll ever have your face photographed more than on your wedding day. Fortunately, our top photography trends for 2018 are all about making sure you don’t even know it’s happening.
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Words by Karina Lowndes
30 October 2018

We now live in a world where having your photo taken – often of yourself and by yourself – is not unusual. Yet people still get sweaty palms when they think about being photographed throughout their wedding day. Fortunately, our top wedding photography trends for 2019 are all geared toward creating a relaxed, sweat-free day for everyone involved. There’s not a posed situation in sight.

Here’s what the experts are saying…


1. Breaking the rules: first looks, ditching traditions and doing it your way

If a wedding tradition feels outdated, awkward or irrelevant – ditch it. It means you won’t be putting yourself in a position where you uncomfortable, and therefore you’re going to end up with better photos in the long run.

QLD wedding photographer Tennille Fink completely agrees that it’s not uncommon anymore for couples to fully customise their wedding day.

“Couples are breaking the rules and doing things their way. Non-traditional wedding venues, getting ready together, doing a first look, photos before the ceremony so they don’t have to disappear afterwards, walking down the aisle together, etc. They’re not being restricted by what our parents did or following outdated traditions that don’t feel right to them.”

Sydney wedding photographer Will of This Day Forward is also on board, adding “thinking outside the box is the new black or (white) in weddings and I love it. Formalities and doing things “just because” is no longer a reason”.

He added, “Couples are being more adventurous with what they do and how they decide to part with their wedding budget. Getting married on top of a mountain because it will look amazing, or decorating the venue yourself so you get exactly what you want. Elopements or destination weddings are becoming more common. Your wedding is your day and your moment to celebrate the greatest gift of all – LOVE. And your love is different from everyone else’s love, so show that!”

top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends

2. Casual receptions mean relaxed guests (and snaps)

Putting together a seating plan can be the most stressful part of planning a wedding (been there, done that – not real fun) and it’s why the option of having a casual reception or cocktail party nowadays is a no brainer for some couples. Plus, it can make for photo with a great, chilled vibe.

“To keep a relaxed feel to the day, consider having a casual style reception instead of anything formal or seated. I’m talking food trucks, sliders, Mexican style feasts with lots of casual seating options in different zones so everyone can take a load off”, says Tennille, who has also noticed more and more couples opting for an earlier ceremony time. “Having an earlier ceremony so everyone gets to enjoy a cocktail hour can be super fun and allows the couple to relax”.

top 2019 wedding trends
top 2019 wedding trends
top 2019 wedding trends
top 2019 wedding trends
top 2019 wedding trends
wedding photography trends 2019

3. Playful props add life and fun to your photos

Playful props like sparklers, confetti and smoke bombs are becoming a popular distraction for couples who are either nervous in front of the lens or who want to create some movement and light in their portraits.

Kate from The Story of Us has seen it play out more than once, and agrees it makes for some fun-filled and playful moments.

top 2018 wedding trends

4. Small humans. They’re cute IRL and on camera

Children are such a perspective giver. They’re a constant reminder that as adults, we take things way too seriously. Include them in your wedding ceremony and/or reception and we guarantee the vibe will be light and breezy with plenty of laughs. Plus they’re adorable and make for the best wedding pics ever – especially when they do things like pick their nose or kiss themselves in the mirror or try to undress before showtime.

top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends

5. Keeping it real: if it feels forced, it’ll look forced

“Real happiness, laughter, joy, emotion and the whirlwind that is a wedding. Six, eight, ten hours in… whatever moment you find yourself in, make it authentically you.” These are some wise words from Will, whose number one rule when it comes to wedding photography is to create a space where you can be yourselves.

Photographs that capture a real, raw moment in time are what makes hearts flutter. Anything that feels forced or out of character is hard to hide and only makes for awkward photographs. Our point? This probably isn’t so much a trend but just something to consider when planning what you want your wedding day to look and feel like.

top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends
top 2018 wedding trends

CREDITS: Tennille Fink // This Day Forward // The Story of Us


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