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30 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding
For a lot of couples, their pets are just as important to them as any human (okay, probably more so) and it feels only natural to include them in the wedding celebrations in some way. Here's 30 ideas. 
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This wedding in Victoria was four years ago but it's one that's been etched into our memories because it was a celebration that spoke to everything the couple loved, in particular, their beloved pets (who also played a key role in the proposal). 

If you're a pet-owner, it's easy to understand why couples feel a strong pull to include their fur-babies in the festivities - after all, they're as much a part of the family as anyone else. It's only natural that you would want them to be part of one of the most important days of your life – your wedding!

That said, there are some valid reasons why you might decide that leaving your pet at home or in the loving care of a pet-sitter is a better option, some of which we've addressed in our article "how to plan a pet-friendly wedding". In this case, there are still plenty of ways to include you pet in your wedding, even if they're not physically present. 

Here are 30 creative ideas to help you incorporate your beloved pets into your special day. Scroll further and you'll also see photos of how couples have used these ideas IRL. 

1. Pet as the ring bearer

Why not let your pet carry the rings down the aisle? Secure the rings to a small pillow or a custom-made harness and have them trot down to the altar.

2. Pet escort

Have your pet walk you down the aisle. This is perfect for those who consider their pets as a member of the family, or don't have family around to fill the role. 

3. Flower pet

Let your pet carry or wear flowers. Adorn them with a floral collar or leash, or have them walk alongside your flower girl.

4. Pet-inspired invitations

Include a paw print stamp, illustration or photo of your pet on your wedding invitations. It’s a cute way to hint that your pet will be part of the ceremony.

5. Pet photography

Ensure your photographer captures candid moments or portraits with your pet. These photos will be priceless mementos of your big day.

6. Post-wedding shoot (with pets)

We can't take credit for this idea. In fact, organising a post-wedding photo shoot hadn't even crossed our minds until we saw these photos by Lauren Anne Photography. Now we're waiting for it to become the next big wedding trend.

7. Pet-themed cake topper

Order a custom cake topper that features a mini versions of your pet/s.

8. Pet-friendly venue

Choose a venue that is okay with animals so your pet can be present throughout the celebration. We've gathered some of the best pet-friendly wedding venues here (as well as some of the best pet-friendly honeymoon airbnbs here)

9. Pet sitter service

Hire a professional pet sitter (like Mrs Barker's Pet Services) to ensure your pet is well taken care of during the ceremony and reception. This way, you can enjoy your day without worrying about your furry friend.

10. Pet outfit

Dress your pet in a wedding-appropriate outfit, such as a tuxedo, bow tie, or a cute dress that matches your colour scheme. Or, take a leaf from this pet-loving pair's book (pic below) and create a custom outfit featuring your pet.

11. Pet processional

Have your pet lead the wedding procession. It’s a great way to make an entrance and show off your pet to all your guests.

12. Pet officiant

While this might be more symbolic, having your pet by your side while you exchange vows can add a personal touch.

13. Pet-friendly ceremony

Incorporate a pet-friendly element into your ceremony, such as a special blessing or a mention in your vows.

14. Pet welcome bags

Create welcome bags for guests that include a small treat or toy for their pets, especially if they are bringing them along.

15. Pet-inspired décor

Incorporate your pet into your wedding décor. Use their likeness in table numbers, signage, or even on the napkins.

16. Pet video messages

If your pet can’t be present, record a cute video message from them to be played during the reception.

17. Pet-themed favour

Give your guests pet-themed wedding favours, such as custom cookies shaped like your pet, or donation cards stating a contribution was made to an animal charity in their honour.

18. Pet portraits as centrepieces

Use framed photos or illustrations of your pet as table centrepieces.

19. Pet participation in vows

Mention your pet in your wedding vows. It’s a sweet nod to their importance in your life.

20. Pet walk down the aisle

Have your pet walk down the aisle with a member of the bridal party. It’s an adorable way to include them in the ceremony.

21. Pet video booth

Set up a video booth where guests can record messages and interact with your pet. It’ll create fun memories for everyone involved.

22. Pet-inspired signature drink

Create a signature drink named after your pet. Display a cute sign at the bar with their photo and the drink recipe.

23. Pet dance partner

Share a dance with your pet during the reception. It’s a fun way to involve them and entertain your guests.

24. Pet social media feature

Create a hashtag for your wedding and feature your pet in posts. Encourage guests to share their own pet photos with the hashtag.

25. Pet-themed photo booth props

Include pet-themed props in your photo booth. Guests will have fun posing with ears, noses, and tails!

26. Pet charms on bouquet

Attach a small charm or photo of your pet to your bouquet or boutonniere. It’s a subtle but meaningful way to keep them close.

27. Pet paw print guest book

Use a large canvas and have your pet’s paw prints as part of your guest book. Guests can add their own prints or signatures around it.

28. Pet safe zone

Set up a pet-safe zone at your venue where your pet can relax away from the crowd. Include their favourite toys, bedding, and water.

29. Pet reception entrance

Make a grand entrance to your reception with your pet by your side. It’s a fun way to kick off the festivities.

30. Pet tribute table

Create a tribute table with photos and memorabilia of your pet, especially if they can’t be there in person. It’s a heartfelt way to honour their place in your life.

Tips for a successful pet-inclusive wedding

  1. Know your pet’s personality: Consider your pet’s temperament and comfort level with crowds and new environments. Not all pets will enjoy the hustle and bustle of a wedding.
  2. Plan ahead: Make sure your venue allows pets and plan for any necessary accommodations.
  3. Inform guests: Let your guests know ahead of time that your pet will be part of the ceremony, especially if any of them have allergies or phobias.
  4. Assign a handler: Designate a trusted friend or hire a professional to look after your pet throughout the day, ensuring they are comfortable and happy.
  5. Prepare for accidents: Have a clean-up kit ready in case of any pet-related mishaps.
  6. Check local laws: If you’re getting married outdoors, be aware of any local regulations regarding pets in public spaces.

Including your pet in your wedding can make your day even more special and memorable. Whether they’re walking you down the aisle, appearing on your invitations, or simply being part of the celebration in spirit, your pet’s presence is sure to bring smiles and joy to everyone involved. These 30 ideas offer a range of ways to honour your furry, feathered or scaled friend on your big day, ensuring they’re a cherished part of your wedding memories.

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