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Sydney, NSW - Australia

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Hi, I’m Will.

Congratulations on your engagement!

I’m a little bit different from other wedding photographers. I don’t believe in posed photos, I like to capture candid fun and real moments, which reflect your best side and the natural vibe of the day.

Rather than disappearing for hours of photos, lets go for a walk when the light gets nice for 10 – 15 minutes. I’m there to capture you having an amazing time with your guests in an unobtrusive and authentic way. So let’s disappear a couple times when the light gets nice, so that you can focus on being a part of your wedding and enjoying the food and champagne.

Rather than telling you what to do. Think of me like a friend with a camera, a guide to getting the best photos. Most people have never been married before, so let me help you have the bloody best day ever.

If you’ve just dropped a knee or screamed a giant ‘YES!’, let’s meet up for wine, coffee or even jump on FaceTime.


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  • Favourite place in the world? The beach. There's no better place in world to cleanse yourself.
  • Three words that describe you? Relaxed, genuine and compassionate.
  • Best wedding-related tip? Take the time to appreciate everything you created and absorb the positive energy of your wedding day. Or more simply put; don't worry, be happy!
  • Last meal on earth? I lost my Mum a few years back and every time we'd go overseas, she'd call this meal "prisoners last meal". She was the greatest cook! So in her memory, it would be roast lamb with gravy and roast potatoes and a glass of wine. I'd do anything to share another meal with her. Family is everything and that's why I choose to capture weddings. It means the world to me to watch two families sit down and enjoy a meal together all in the name of love.
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