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These Are The 2020 Wedding Trends To Watch

2020 wedding trends

Getting married in 2020? Epic. It’s going to be the best year yet. Things just truly seem to be getting better and better. We’re finding more and more unique spaces to get wed at, and those niggly traditions that we all think are slightly ridiculous are slipping away and it’s becoming more about the thing that matters the most – the love between you and your S.O.

We know you’re all eager to hear about what’s around the corner, so let’s get into it, shall we? These are the 2020 wedding trends to watch.

Featured photo by Roy Byrne Photography.

2020 wedding trends
Photography by Lucie Weddings.

Jewellery, Headpieces and All The Accessories You Could Imagine

You heard it here first gang, we’re putting money on the fact that the bridal headband will be a HUGE trend in 2020. We’re especially loving pearl embellishments to compliment an unmistakably cool hairstyle. On that topic, we won’t be surprised if clips, pearls, and more gold and rose gold creep into the picture too. All which we’ll happily get behind.⁠

two piece wedding gown
Photography by One Day Bridal.

The Two-Piece Wedding Gown

We’re certainly going to see a rise in the two-piece wedding gown in 2020. The best part? You can slip into something else after the ceremony. We’re talking silky white trousers or anything with some sparkles.

Photo via Fiona Vail Photography. Featured WedShed venue: Bangor Vineyard Shed.

Recovery Get-Togethers

There are a multitude of reasons why you should get together with your wedding guests the day after the wedding – not least because you presumably enjoy their company. We reckon a recovery get-together is going to be the stock standard from 2020 onwards and if you are thinking of hosting one, do read our tips on how to nail a wedding recovery party here.

Photo by Alex Marks Photography.

Wedding After-Parties

Venues have curfews but that doesn’t mean the party needs to end. If you’re up for a big time or you’re having an early wedding at say, lunchtime, then do consider a wedding-after party. Another good excuse? You know you and your crew won’t be done when the reception wraps up. Read more on why we think wedding after-parties are the next big thing here.

Photography by Photos By Jessie Ann.

Mismatched Bridesmaids

It’s no secret we’re absolutely obsessed with this trend as of late. If you scroll through our Instagram you’ll see exhibit A, B, C, all the way through to Z of proof. Mismatched dresses are obviously a big thing, but mismatched bridal shoes in the same tone also work just as beautifully. We espesh love the way both of these elements can give a touch of individualism when all the ladies are dressed up.

Photo by Beck Rocchi.

Coloured Suits

You know those grooms’ suits that literally get you to stop scrolling halfway through your daily (or hourly) check of IG? Yeah, well we reckon they are going to be the next big thing for grooms in 2020. We’re talking burgundy, velvet, coral (yep, we’ve seen it – looked fab), blue and our personal favourite – emerald green jackets with cream, black or white pants.

Photography by Amelia Fullarton. Featured WedShed Venue: Forget Me Not Weddings.

Naked Tipis and Sperry Tents

Now we’re certainly still huge fans of a beautiful marquee, but lately, we’ve noticed these two lovely additions creeping into the mix more and more. Sperry Tents Australia creates these gorgeous tents from authentic sailcloth, and they come all the way from Massachusetts. Think a sweeping canopy supported by natural wooden poles, creating a beautiful atmosphere, covering you from any weather. Not to mention the naked tipi covered in lights makes for an epic dance floor. We can totally vouch for Byron Bay Tipis if you’re looking for one.

Photography by Jimmy Raper.

Florals To Watch For 2020

We truly think some flowers never go out of style (or so we hope), and that includes roses, orchids and any and all preserves. Basically anything white too – you can’t go wrong here. Take a note out of the floral mastery pictured here – totally brilliant.

Photography by Smith + Archer. Featured WedShed Venue: Olinda Yarra.

Simple Or No Arbors Seen

The ceremony spot is one of the first things we gravitate toward when we’re checking out wedding photos. It’s the place where you get to say some really important words and seal the deal with your other half. However, if you want to save a few pennies or an arbor is honestly just not your thing, then do feel free to go with little styling or without completely. We’ve seen plenty of couples that have gone with a seriously simple setting, to mainly hero the ceremony space itself and the couple and boy does it look great.

Photo via Bali.Love weddings.

Circular and Curved Ceremonies

We’re expecting (or perhaps just desperately hoping) to see more circular ceremonies in 2020. We’re talking where you guys get married enclosed by all of your loved ones. It’s something so intimate and feels like a communal experience, literally being surrounded by love.

Photo by Siempre Weddings.

Single Stem Bouquets

Hello, minimalism. We love you. Whether you’re on a budget, a lover of keeping things simple, or seeking a bit of drama for the big day when it comes to your bouquet, consider one or two stems only in your bouquet, as seen and put together by the talented crew behind George and Smee here. Carrying a solo stem down the aisle is elegant and certainly far from boring.

Photography by Jackson Grant Weddings.

Light Up Your Wedding With Neon Signage

Whether they come in the neon or bulb variety, we do love ourselves a bright light at a wedding. We can wholeheartedly recommend the duo behind Kings Of Neon, who allow you to both hire from a selection of their neons, as well as purchase custom neon signage. Specific places we love seeing neons? Ceremonies, dance floors, in tipis and above the couple while dining at the reception.

Photo via Willow and Co featuring My Little Peony.

More Cocktail Weddings

As we know nowadays basically anything goes when it comes to weddings. Gone are the days where you had a sit down chick-or-fish alternate drop affair (*thank goodness*). We’d put our money on the fact that cocktail weddings are going to be seen a lot more in 2020. This includes anything from canapé service, picnics, gourmet BBQs, food trucks and/or grazing tables. We espesh love it because it really allows your guests to mingle with whoever they fancy, not just who they’ve been assigned to sit next to. There are really no rules when it comes to how to do it, but if you are interested in a cocktail style wedding, do check out these foodies on WedShed who could help you pull off the wedding of culinary dreams.

31st December, 2019

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