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TASTEMAKER: Kristie Carrick Photography

If getting hitched taught us anything it’s this: choose your wedding vendors wisely. And by wisely, we mean picking vendors who are not only good at what they do but who you connect with on a personal level (cue: Kristie Carrick).

This lovely lady is a wizard behind the lens and has a killer personality to boot. Scroll down, read our interview with her below and you’ll understand what we mean by finding someone on the same brainwave.

What sets your business apart?

I take what I do seriously whilst not being too serious myself. I am fun. I am relaxed. I like to document the natural emotions and events of such a beautiful day rather than making those things happen. I make people happy and in return that makes me happy.

What do love most about your job?

The ridiculous amount of love that is shared and felt by such a mass of people on one day, in one spot. It gives me a buzz every time.

How would others describe you?

Bubbly, chatty and fun, but sometimes gets slightly distracted by the shiny happy thing over there.

What services do you offer and how much flexibility do couples have to create their own unique day?

I offer wedding photography services. I absolutely am open to being flexible with couples and working in with what they want, after all, it is THEIR wedding day! But I do hope that couples are coming to me because they love what I do and what I am about. So whilst I am happy to work with people and bring their vision to life, I also hope I don’t get asked to stray too far from who I am.

wedding photographer
wedding photographer
wedding photographer
wedding photographer

Describe the kind of couples you attract.

Weddings come with stress, but the stress shouldn’t outweigh the fun and excitement. I attract couples who understand my relaxed vibe and want the same for their day. Couples who aren’t afraid to let their hair down, have fun and go along with any crazy thing that should happen throughout their big day.

Share your favourite predicted wedding trend.

The trend that couples stop following a trend and do what they love – it’s all about them, no one else

What’s the process for couples keen to enquire and/or book with you?

Drop me a line, send me some mail and say ‘hi’.

Advice to newly engaged couples?

Enjoy every minute! Be honest in situations and don’t let the small stuff (and trust me, it may not seem it but it IS small) get to you

What’s your favourite thing you’ve seen a couple do at a wedding?

It changes at each wedding as each couple is gorgeously uniquely different. But the unashamed love that couples show each other on their wedding day is always pretty high up there.

wedding photographer
wedding photographer
wedding photographer
wedding photographer

Check out Kristie Carrick’s work via her website, Facebook and Instagram.


6th June, 2017

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