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Planning A Destination Wedding During A Pandemic

destination wedding australia

As we all know, it’s a time of uncertainty right now, and if you are one of the many couples trying to plan a wedding during a global pandemic, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. But a rising trend — and one that we love — is to get away with all your loved ones for a wedding right in your home country.

We spoke to Blue Nile, one of the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement rings, to share our best tips for planning a destination wedding during this strange time.

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Destination or local wedding? What’s the difference? 

Firstly, let’s break this down.

A local wedding is – surprise surprise – held somewhere close to where you live. This could be in your city, township or anywhere that’s within an reasonably short drive (within 1.5 hours).

A destination wedding is held outside of your own locality. This could be a couple of hours away, interstate or international. We define “destination” in the context of weddings as somewhere that you’d want to book overnight accommodation for.


OK, we’re doing a destination wedding. Now what?

As we all know, it’s a time of uncertainty right now and there are few industries harder hit than weddings and travel. But a rising trend – and one that we love – is to get away with all your loved ones and make a weekend out of your wedding. So what are couples to do in this current pandemic climate if they’re planning a destination wedding? We have a few tips.

Consider staying in your state or territory

Choose a wedding venue within the state that you and the majority of your guests live. With border closures a very real thing right now, this will safeguard you against not being physically able to get to your venue.

Have a plan B at the ready 

Chat to your venue about what the process would be if you needed to postpone and make sure you’re comfortable with how this would play out if it were necessary, due to restrictions.

Make sure your accommodation is flexible

The same applies for your accommodation if you won’t be staying onsite at your wedding venue – check their postponement or cancellation terms. If you can find some flexible accommodation options for guests then do share with them via your ‘Save the Date’ or wedding website.

destination wedding australia
Destination weddings: popular for obvious reasons. Ws Venue: Mewburn Park, VIC.

Extra considerations during a pandemic

Destination weddings often require that little bit extra logistics and pre-planning, given you’re coordinating from afar and also hosting a whole bunch of people away from home. Add a pandemic to the mix and there are a few extra considerations. Here are our top tips to make sure you save yourself unnecessary stress.

Make sure you understand your contract

This goes for every period in time but particularly now – make sure you’re reading your venue and vendor’s contract and understand the process should your wedding need to change dates or guest numbers due to COVID.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with DIY

Consider how much DIY you want to take on. While sometimes DIY can save you money, paying a professional for their services will save you stress and allow you to come into the wedding day feeling relaxed and in control – something that’s invaluable. Plus, the money-saving element of DIY isn’t always true when you add up the logistics and time of DIY jobs (especially for destination weddings), as well as the fact that professionals often have connections that enable them to get things like, say, food or styling items wholesale and cheaper.

Get super clear on your wedding priorities – and stick to them

Make sure you get crystal clear on what your priorities are for the day. How do you want it to look and feel? How will you make it a reflection of what you guys are all about? What traditions do or don’t resonate with you? We’ve got a handy exercise to help couples figure these things out that we wholeheartedly recommend. Weddings are a big investment – of time, money and emotions and by getting clear on what you both want from the day it’ll allow you to spend your budget and energy on the stuff that really matters to you (and not the stuff that you think you need to have. Trust us, aside from an authorised marriage celebrant, everything else is totally up in the air for interpretation!).

If you need a hand pinning down those priorities, we’ve got a free handy step-by-step guide right here.



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8th March, 2021

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