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Advice From One Mother-Of-The-Bride To Others

Mother of the bride tips

Amy’s mum Jackie shares some heart-to-heart tips to other MOBs. So B’s, pass it on – and reap the benefits. 

[Amy] In case you’re confused, the acronym is Mother Of the Bride. It could’ve been MOTB but it’s just not the same. The gang-boss-lady connotations of MOB are also strangely appropriate so let’s roll with it.

Being the MOB is a big deal. I was told  by one person during my wedding planning that the MOB is the second most-important person on the day after the bride herself. Here I was thinking it was the groom or fellow bride but there you go.

It’s a special moment for the MOB (or the MOG) to see their child get hitched. A day of joy and pride. But it’s not all roses – there’s inevitably a degree of stress that arises over the lead-up, and maybe that correlates with how unorganised that child is. If we’re going to make me a case in point, let’s just say that level is high.

My mum was pretty much my wedding hero – she helped in so many ways during the course of my planning. While I was mentally patting myself on the back for having made the simplest of decisions, she was out trawling op shops on my behalf and actually doing. Love you mum.

I asked mum if she could share some tips to other MOBs. If you think your mum (or dad or guardian – let’s not forget the DOBs/DOGs/GOBs and GOGs) could find these useful, please do pass them on.

  1. Trust yourself – your children still like you to hear their thoughts and take your advice.
  2. Speak up – you (mum) still have some good ideas and constructive criticism can often be helpful.
  3. Be supportive – this is their wedding and their dream for a special day. Help it come true.
  4. Have your own checklist – you may think of things that they have not thought about.
  5. Dress – you are the Mother of the Bride, splash out and buy a special dress. I did!
  6. Hair and makeup – if possible, have this done by a professional. You will look good in the photos (as long as you don’t cry too much).
  7. Shoes – comfort, comfort, comfort!  It is a long day.
  8. Nag a little –  make sure all those deadlines are being met. [note from Amy: the word ‘little’ may not accurately reflect actual events. But it worked.]
  9. Speech – if you are making one, make sure you have notes so you don’t forget anything.
  10. Enjoy! –  this is a very happy and emotional day, enjoy every moment because it is over too soon!


Any other tips that mum’s missed? We’d love you to add them below.



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16th March, 2018

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  1. Hi, so MOB, personally I didn’t appreciate my mother speaking up during me wedding. I really just wanted to hear her say that she liked my dress, and floral arrangments and that the reception was beautiful. They want you to be supportive. Don’t speak up unless they ask and arounf two months before the wedding just love everything. It’t probably too late to change a lot of things and right now she’ll be second guessing every decision she makes. Encourage her and support her. Don’t question her choices or offer suggestions.

  2. Nice article, especially from one MOB to share to another.

    Walt Cudlip
  3. Thanks so much Walt – so nice to hear you thought so.

    Amy Lucas
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