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Love In The Time Of Coronavirus
Keeping the flame alive during a global pandemic: it’s not something any of us have experienced before but it’s the most important thing you can do right now. We’ve pulled together our top tips on how you can use this time to your collective advantage and build on the relationship foundations you’ve already laid down. From in-home date nights to secret home deliveries, here are some suggestions.
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Words by Amy Parfett
31 March 2020

With many of us self-isolating right now and working from home, there’s every chance this means your partner is doing the same. And while we like to think that all these extra hours spent together are only serving to deepen your bond, we’re realists and recognise that this period might be tempered with some financial instability, uncertainty about health and loved ones and all the other things that come with a global pandemic. What we’re saying is we realise right now might not be a honeymoon period for some of you.

It’s more important than ever though, to hold close those things that are dearest to you – especially your partner. We could sprout on about the importance of communication (and look, we give it a mention below) but we’ll leave that to the relationship experts. What we can do is give you a whole swag of ideas about how you can keep your love life hunky-dory and make sure you’re still engaged by the time your wedding rolls around #jokingnotjoking.

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In-home date nights

Order takeaway or cook something special, shower, shave, smell good. Make an effort, light a candle, play some tunes and turn off your phones.


Digital detox and play games

Give yourself an e-break (we are predicting there’ll be many suffering a digital burnout throughout this period) and play cards, a board game, do a crossword – you get the gist.


Give each other space

Not easily done if you’re cooped up inside but pop in some headphones, sit outside, listen to a podcast and just breathe if you feel like you just need some personal time.


Have a ‘night out’ with the girls/boys

Don’t forget to rely on your friends as a support network during this time. Take turns having a ‘night out’ – i.e. fix yourself a drink, go into the bedroom and have Houseparty session with your friends, while your partner watches a movie from another room.

Love in the time of coronavirus

Drink good alcohol together

We’re not advocating for forming a drinking habit during this pandemic period, rather if right now has shown us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. Crack the good bottles and enjoy them together.


Make future plans 

Make some fun and wonderful plans to tick off once we’re out of the virus-woods – having stuff to look forward to is a hugely positive influence on your future and will keep you both motivated and looking forward.


Communicate more than ever

The world is an uncertain place right now. You have one another to lean on – talk about your fears and feelings. Remain open, honest and supportive of one another and check in regularly to ask how your days are going – even if you’ve literally been within metres distance all day.


Get up each day, shower and get dressed. Even if you’re going to be home all day

The very act of looking like you’re going to work/getting out of the house is enough to motivate you to be productive. Plus you’ll be more likely to want to touch each other than if you’re still in your PJs and potentially covered in your own sleep-drool at midday.


Do virtual double-dates with your mates via Zoom

Schedule with another couple to eat dinner at the same time and set up your phone/laptop to enjoy some ‘face-to-face’ conversation. You could even go so far to have pre-purchased the same bottle of wine so you can really feel connected and share the experience.

love in the time of coronavirus

Continue to plan your wedding

Now is a better time than ever to plan your wedding. The industry is so eager to help bring the most epic celebrations to life once we’re able to. 2021 is going to be a busy year of weddings due to the postponements of a large proportion of 2020 weddings, so getting in early will mean you have the best chance of securing the venue and vendors you most love. For those of you that have postponed your weddings, now is a time to be kind to yourselves, slowly tick away on the final jobs and continue to get inspired (our real weddings section will help).


Talk about how you would survive without toilet paper

OK, this is probably a five minute conversation at best. But a goodie at the dinner table (or while you’re brushing your teeth, getting into bed, cooking dinner… maybe not cooking dinner). What are some alternative measures you could use to keep things, er, fresh?


Write each other a love letter

There’s nothing more romantic than hand-written words. You could write each other a letter to be opened that night/when coronavirus is over/on your wedding day. You choose the timeframe.


Order your partner a surprise gift/flowers/a plant because you can

The best part? You’ll probably be at home when it’s delivered to see their reaction.


Give each other a massage 

We do not do this enough. Rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first (and who gets the luxury of the final massage).

love in the time of coronavirus

Work out how much money you’re potentially saving by staying in

We know that right now, this is especially important with job security unstable. It can be something you do to look on the bright side of locking down in your home. You could take the opportunity to create a budget, review your spending or set some future goals too.


Start writing your wedding thank you cards

Let’s be honest: this is a b*tch of a job. You can get the jump on it now if you’re feeling motivated and your guests will be none-the-wiser that those cards might’ve been pre-written 6-12 months before the actual wedding took place. The sentiment will remain the same.


Learn a new skill together (e.g. a language, guitar, cooking a particular cuisine)

Is there something you’ve both always wanted to do? Upskill in some area – either together, or take on separate endeavours and carve out time where you both work on this new skill simultaneously.


Exercise together

Set up a circuit outside, follow an online class or download the same app and enjoy getting active together. Or just go for a responsible walk (i.e. just the two of your, keeping your distance from other people).


Role play, read an erotic novel or do something a bit different to get you in the mood

We get it. Pandemics aren’t sexy. But that’s not to say you can’t use the time at home in productive ways, if you catch our drift.


One minute dance parties when you’re feeling down

Nominate a song that, whenever played by either party, requires you both to get up and have a little dance. Then use it as often as you like.



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