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Innovative Ways Wedding Businesses Can Diversify During COVID-19

We put on our brainstorming hats to come up with some alternative ways venues and vendors can diversify their offering, build their brands and even push new revenue streams over the months ahead. If you have any further ideas to add to the list, just send us a DM on Instagram or leave a comment below.

Before we get into it, we just wanted to re-share some tools we’re using on the reg here at WedShed HQ to help you work and market virtually with your couples and clients:

  • Canva – a free online design tool that helps you create gorgeous templates for all forms of marketing.
  • Skype – a free online communication tool to video call with others.
  • Mailchimp – an email marketing service provider allowing you to create beautiful templates with easy list management of your clients. Accounts are free for those with less than 2,000 subscribers.
  • FaceTime – an easy way to touch base with clients face-to-face.
  • Later – an online tool helping you schedule all types of social media posts, including Instagram stories.
  • Instagram stories and IGTV – a great way to update and keep your community engaged.


Below you’ll find some ideas on how wedding businesses can make diversify and build their brands during COVID-19. If you decide to implement some of these (or have already), make sure you tag us on your Instagram stories so we can share the love.



  • Push bookings and host viewings via Skype or FaceTime.
  • Host walk-throughs on your Instagram stories showing off your venue to couples who can’t get to you but are keen to see more.
  • Push real weddings on your Instagram story and page to showcase what can be done with your space.
  • Host Q&A’s and don’t be afraid to put your face to the camera, people love seeing the humans behind businesses. It’s guaranteed to increase engagement.



  • Spread the word on your service, offering to deliver flowers to doorsteps for special days including birthdays or would-have-been wedding dates to cheer up homes.
  • Host a DIY vase arrangement session on social. If we’re all going to be confined to our homes, we may as well make it a beautiful space.
  • Educate people on how to make their flowers last.
  • Do a virtual bouquet making class or teach people how to make a striking arrangement from foraged goods in their own backyard.


  • Offer home plant hire – or plants for sale – for those who are looking to cheer up their new home office.
  • Showcase tips on social media on how to care for your plants at home.
  • Host Q&A sessions for those looking to learn more about plants. Word-of-mouth off the back of this might just land you some new biz.


  • Go live on Instagram stories or host a Q&A on photographer tips and tricks or FAQs.
  • Follow up on any leads that might be interested in wedding albums.
  • Push any prints you have available for sale, perhaps even join Etsy.


  • Offer a delivered meal to couples for their would-have-been wedding date, perhaps even inspired by their wedding menu.
  • Make a bunch of ready-made or frozen meals that you can deliver to homes.
  • Sell market boxes with fresh produce, protein, and fresh-baked bread.
  • Offer takeaway, if you can and aren’t already.


  • Offer pet-walking services to those with pooches in your local area.
  • Host online training for those who have just got a new pup (we know there’s been a spike in adoptions).


  • Bake cakes for couples who have had to postpone their wedding.
  • The same goes for people who are celebrating their birthday in isolation.
  • Offer a cupcake delivery service where people can treat friends/family a surprise treat if they’re going through a rough time right now.
  • Host workshops online on how to bake an out of this world cake.


  • Offer virtual advice for those having to postpone their wedding during this tricky time.
  • Continue to work with couples over Skype or FaceTime for weddings at the end of 2020 into 2021.


  • Do a video series of women of different dress sizes trying on gowns and video takeovers on your stories to show off dresses.
  • Offer bridal styling consults with your customers over Skype or FaceTime.
  • Make face masks for those in need.


  • Host Q&As and tips or tricks on speech-writing.
  • Offer speech-writing services.
  • Create a ‘How To MC A Wedding’ downloadable for couples to share with their MC, if they’re not paying a professional to do this.


  • Start a YouTube/IGTV channel and do tutorials to share with your audience or utilise IG Stories.
  • Create a ‘self-pamper pack’ with some essential beauty items that you can sell to people, with instructions/a video series on how to best use the items. Weddings will still be on the horizon and brides in particular will be looking for ways they can do in-home treatments themselves.


  • Host an online calligraphy class and ask them to order a kit ahead of time (give us a shout if you do this, we’d love to join…).
  • Bring back the art of traditional letter-writing! Make people’s days by creating beautifully crafted cards, letters and the like that people can snail-mail to one another. We predict we’re going to be facing digital fatigue in a short amount of time and receiving something nice in the post will be a day-maker.


  • Host an online workshop on how to style your new home office, create a feature wall or transform your space with the help of a pro (you guys).


  • Live jam sessions on your social media.
  • Push your services via FaceTime and Skype.
  • Offer to do love song requests for people – can do these on IG Stories and can tag the requester and the recipient of the song (even for a small fee).


  • If you’re in the alcohol space, have a go at making hand sanitiser. We’re certainly in need of more supplies across the globe.


  • Show the BTS of jewellery-making via your social media, and answer any Q&As.
  • Create a new range of treat-yourself-products that people can purchase to commemorate this difficult period, with some proceeds going to a charity or organisation helping those in need right now.
26th March, 2020

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