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How To Decide On A Styling Theme For Your Wedding

At the beginning of planning? Halfway through and feeling a bit lost? Not sure what you’d put down on paper as ‘your style’? Don’t feel pressured into feeling like you need to be able to summarise your wedding style into a word, or a couple of words. And on that note, don’t feel the compulsion to subscribe to one specific style for your celebration.

If you’re not drawn to one particular style or vibe, but like the elements of several, combine the things you like. Eclectic is personal and personal is the best. Nothing like a unique setting or wedding for that matter.

Kick things off by asking yourself a few questions to start:

  • Where’s your wedding going to be held? Barn? Restaurant?
  • What month of the year will your wedding be? Winter? Spring?
  • What sort of mood are you going for? Romantic and cosy? Light and fun?

These will help you get a gauge on what you might be after.

Choose Your Wedding Venue 

Have you chosen your venue yet? This will probably help you shape the kind of vibe you’re going for. You might find a space that’s already beautifully styled and needs very little done to it. Once you’ve locked in a space, you could ask a good friend whose style you admire to help you refine some of you and your fiancé’s ideas. Think about the kind of stuff you and your partner are into and think about trying to incorporate elements of your interests into the day.

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Take A Look At Your Surroundings

Even just by taking a look around your house and noticing what’s going on within the space you live (is it bright and colourful? Are there a lot of natural materials? Is it minimal and contemporary? Somewhat bohemian? Full of different textures?) can give you a bit of direction as to how your want your  wedding to look.

Gather And Save Your Wedspo

To get into the nitty-gritty of what you want and what you definitely don’t want, spend some time flicking through Instagram pages you like (shameless plug of ours here), bridal magazines, books, blogs, real wedding features, Pinterest or a simple Google search (but warning, there might be a few doozies if you go down that route – it’s the big wide web after all).

Pick Your Palette

This is one of the most unifying factors you can have throughout your entire wedding. From your table decor to bridesmaid dresses and flowers, a colour palette can really bring the whole vibe together. The easiest way to decide? Hone in one main colour and support that with a couple of other shades that compliment. Make sure you put them side by side to see if it’s what you’re after and if they work together. Pinterest could be your best friend here too.

Engage A Professional

If you’re still scratching your head after reading this and just have absolutely NFI on what really feels like you and your partner then we suggest engaging a professional stylist, plenty of which you can find on Wedshed, alongside a bunch of talented planners.


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Wedding Stylist vs. Florist vs. Planner? What’s the difference and what do they all do?

4th May, 2020

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  1. Event management is not an easy task and that too wedding event, no way. All those ideas and points which you have mentioned in this article are very useful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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