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Hey there, we want your biz on Wedshed.
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Words by Melany Mashman
15 October 2019

Hey there.

The reason you’ve been directed to this page is because someone in the wedding industry thinks your biz is sh*t-hot, amazing and completely up the alley of the wonderful couples we attract to Wedshed. Nice stuff, keep up the great work.

Now, we’d love to invite you to find out more about Wedshed. And if it feels right and you like what we do, we’d love to have you join our curated gang of the most awesome venues and vendors across Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Read on for more info and reach out to if you have any questions, or just for a chat.

Hey there, we’re Mel and Amy

We’re two Aussie women who firmly believe that weddings should be about the people involved, not the traditions and spectacle that so many people sadly feel the pressure of. Wedshed is our way of helping like-minded and loved-up humans find awesome venues and vendors in which to say some nice words, share some rings, enjoy many glasses of something delicious and have a boogie.

Several years ago, a close girlfriend of ours became engaged. Champers were popped and offers of help were volunteered. We were tasked with helping our bride-to-be find a unique wedding venue. Piece of cake, we thought – Google’s surely got our backs. Not quite.

Without stumbling upon a miraculous search term or knowing the right blogs to look through, the same stuff kept cropping up. We were quickly left feeling disillusioned, and realised that someone needed to make the process of finding a wedding venue a whole lot easier and more inspirational. So we decided to do it. Now we connect 65,000+ people monthly with over 315 unique venues and 325 vendors via Wedshed.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Join Wedshed today.

We kindly ask that you mention the awesome biz who referred you in the ‘how did you hear about us section’, so we can send them a little thanks.

How does Wedshed work?

Wedshed is an online marketplace that brings together unique Australian, New Zealand, and Indonesian venues and vendors to hire for weddings. We use the word ‘venue’ loosely – our curated collection ranges from woolsheds to warehouses, whiskey distilleries to ex-prisons, cafes to galleries and much more.

What’s consistent between them is that they all allow couples the flexibility to create a celebration that says ‘this is us’, versus sticking between the lines traditionally set by function centres. We also bring together a bunch of incredibly talented vendors for couples to discover.

Here’s what we do in a nutshell:

  1. We help couples create a wedding that reflects who they are with advice from two women who’ve been through it all themselves. For our couples, weddings are less about arbitrary traditions and more about people coming together to celebrate love and community – less bridezilla and more bridechilla.
  2. We help businesses get their services booked for weddings. We’re a marketing partner and a strategic advisor to those looking to grow their offerings in the wedding space. Simply put: think of us as another marketing channel under your belt. We’ll do the work for you to get weddings booked.
  3. We help break down the stuffy stigmas that have roots in the wedding industry with real, honest advice and a fresh perspective.

Join Wedshed and connect with couples today.

We kindly ask that you mention the awesome biz who referred you in the ‘how did you hear about us section’, so we can send them a little thanks.

What sets WedShed apart?

We’ve spent a lot of time chatting to venue owners about what they want out of WedShed. Here’s what they’ve said we do well:

  • We create a better online presence for their business
  • We provide exceptional value and trackable results for their money
  • We create advice to help book more weddings
  • We provide a personal service and are real people who genuinely care about taking this industry forward with honesty and zero BS
  • They love being part of a curated, exclusive venue directory

If you’re stats people like us, you might want a few numbers to get you over the line. We totally get it. Here you go.

We attract:

  • 65,000+ unique monthly users to our website
  • 74,000+ followers in our Instagram gang
  • 16,000+ Facebook friends
  • 27,000+ eNewsletter subscribers
  • 17,000+ annual direct WedShed enquiries
  • 315+ Wedshed venues
  • 325+ Wedshed vendors

A snapshot of our audience:

  • 78% female
  • 25-35 YO core audience
  • 79% based in Australia, 9% in USA, 3% in UK and 2% in NZ

List your biz on Wedshed today.

We kindly ask that you mention the awesome biz who referred you in the ‘how did you hear about us section’, so we can send them a little thanks.

wedding party dancing on outdoor dancefloor

Success stories

“In our first year of business, we have booked 52 weddings, which absolutely blows us away! I have no doubt that the majority have come to us via Wedshed.

Has Wedshed helped us grow our business? Without a doubt. As a brand new business, we simply wouldn’t have reached such a large, targeted audience without Wedshed – and so quickly. Also, their social media and e-news are great ways to stay in touch with what other venues are doing, what couples expect/like, and to make sure that we keep stepping up and offering the best service we can.” – Amy Willesee, Owner of Willow Farm Berry

“Just thought I’d get in touch and let you know we are LOVING what Wedshed has done for BoxGrove! We have over 20 bookings already and the property is a construction site, so that’s amazing!! We can’t wait to have the property looking 100% and the Barn up and running. You must be stoked with how Wedshed has grown and so quickly. About 60% of our enquiries are people who have seen us on Wedshed, so thank you!” Kayla Atkins, Co-owner of Boxgrove

“We think that what you do is awesome. You’ve clearly spent a great deal of time and money on your digital platforms. The website, navigation and design is absolutely awesome. We love how up to date and clean your directory and website is. And you’ve curated everything so well. So much so, that I don’t really have any feedback other than we’re happy to be on board!” James Tudball, The White Tree

“It is so valuable to us as photographers to get our message across and be seen obviously, especially on amazing platforms such as Wedshed. You girls are amazing and are doing such a great job.”Bek Smith, Bek Smith Photography

Join our platform of like-minded, talented folk today.

We kindly ask that you mention the awesome biz who referred you in the ‘how did you hear about us section’, so we can send them a little thanks.

We hope to see you on Wedshed soon. Click here to get started.

We kindly ask that you mention the awesome biz who referred you in the ‘how did you hear about us section’, so we can send them a little thanks.

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