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Hello, it’s nice to meet you.


It really, really is.

Welcome to WedShed and to our blog Wedspiration.

WedShed has been a project in the making for the last 18 months and we can’t describe how ridiculously excited we are to be chatting to you. We sort of can’t believe we’re finally here.

A lot of business blogs just get straight into it with the content, but we thought it might be nice to introduce ourselves a little more personally. Of course, if you don’t care for this, we’re cool with that too – just head on back and find yourself something better to read (it won’t be hard). Go now, before the over-sharing begins.

We’re Mel and Amy, and WedShed is our baby. It’s our first business together and also our introduction to the wedding industry. Which, can we just say, has to be one of the most supportive industries going? We were mentally prepped to meet some clique-y, cut-throat, kind of just jerk-y people. We can probably thank reality TV for painting that picture. Nope. Cast aside your preconceptions people – the wedding industry is like a family. It’s a pack of legends. Perhaps it’s all the love these people have been exposed to? Whatever it is, we’d just like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with to date – your support has meant so much. We look forward to meeting many, many more of you.

We first realised that the process of finding unique and personal wedding venues was kind of crappy a while back while searching online one night for a newly-engaged girlfriend. The same venues kept cropping up and after exhausting the most logical (and random) search terms and still digging up no gold, we felt deflated and discouraged. It sucked to be of no use to our friend and we could only imagine how frustrated she must have been.

We don’t remember if it was the same night or another one (all we remember is that there was wine involved as with all good ideas) when we realised that someone needed to bridge this gap for couples, and that it should be us. Fast-forward two years and here we are.

It’s not been a complete learning curve though; we have backgrounds in comms, events, PR and customer service so that definitely helped. But more importantly, we get it. We know that couples want a cool place to get hitched in, because so did we. We know that so many great venues are desperate to reach couples but just can’t get onto those front pages of the search engine. WedShed comes from a passion of wanting to help people connect to make a win-win situation happen.

Amy was married last January and Mel is freshly hitched as of New Year’s Eve (and you bet – we’ve both used WedShed venues), so we’re right there with you lovers, and we share your excitement. Far out, you’ve got some good times coming up.

Our aim for Wedspiration is to help couples plan their weddings. Here are our promises:

  •  This is an honest space. We’re not pretending to know it all or to have all the answers, but we want to share things that inspire us and that we think might help others. Feel free to ask us questions too or suggest blog topics and we’ll do our darndest to help
  • Everything comes from us. We’re not anonymous voices posting and pretending it just appeared on the page – our content comes from real people and we want to make that obvious. There may be some ‘we’s and some ‘I’s here. We’ll tell you who it is that’s writing. Just forgive us if we have bad grammar from time to time.
  • Feedback is always welcome. We would love to hear your thoughts (and on a side note, if you know of any incredible venues, we’d love to hear your suggestions too).

That’s it for now! We said this was going to be personal, so here are final tidbits. We both like staffies, wine (all varietals), dahlias and Australian natives, road trip cheeseburgers, perving on people’s properties (and you thought we were in this just for business?), nature and road trips.

We’d love to hear about you though. How did you find us? Are you getting married? What are you looking for? What are you into? Intro yourself!

4th February, 2015

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  1. What a fantastic business idea to come up with! Great one Ladies!!!

    After only a week of being engaged and slowly deflating trying to google search a ‘good’ venue, this site is a huge sigh of relief.

    I was just today looking at cottages in the Victorian Goldfields region, wondering if I could perhaps contact some of them to ask if their building or garden could be used as a wedding.

    My fiancé and I love the old world historic feel of the goldfields and the abundance of antique shops. We find some amazing things. We stayed in Chewton recently at Ottery Cottage where we got engaged and it was so beautiful. I feel like something similar for wedding ceremony, reception and accommodation would be perfect, but it seems awfully difficult using google. Many places like this are quite small, or don’t have a large space for 60 ppl indoors.

    Love the concept of your website (and great name), I will keep checking back for regional Victorian venues that will hopefully join soon,

    Happy Connecting!!!


  2. Thanks Anita – we appreciate your support! We’re adding new venues each week so please do check back. Hopefully we’ll have something right up your alley shortly.


    Amy Lucas
  3. Oh wow – your website is soooo inspirational and FUN! Thanks for sharing – I’m definitely going to send my brides and grooms your way! I loved the article about light / timing for photography, am always trying to explain this to couples. And glad that so many of my friends (Scott Surplice, Mitch Pohl, Lara Hotz, were tagged as style makers.) I’m a Southern Highlands Celebrant – might just have to think about advertising with you guys in the future!! xx Nina de Borde

    • Thanks so much for the lovely words Nina, you’re too kind (and yes, do get in touch if you want to join our vendor family).

      Amy Parfett
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