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Can’t Choose A Wedding Aisle Song? Read This.

Choosing a wedding aisle song is not always an easy task, especially if you’re a couple who don’t have a ‘relationship song’ or aren’t big music buffs. From our own small group studies, if you fall into this couple category, there’s a high chance you’ll spend hours listening to wedding aisle song playlists on Spotify until your ears bleed before giving up and just randomly picking a song neither of you hate.

Given we’re all about trying to make the whole wedding thing easier for our couples, we figured a wise way to fast-track this process was by going straight to the professionals and asking their opinion.

These talented humans have been in the wedding game a while and know what works (and what doesn’t), especially when it’s a song that’s being played live. Here are their top picks below and if you’re interested in having any of them along to your wedding, you can find them all here.

Pachelbel’s Canon by Johann Pachelbel  

Mango Tree by Angus and Julia Stone

Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland

This depends on your preferences for a more traditional wedding (classical music), or a more laid-back, relaxed affair (violin and guitar). For classical string music, the Queen of aisle-walking is Pachabel’s Canon. Simple, guaranteed to get everyone misty-eyed, and drop-dead gorgeous. For violin and guitar or solo guitar, we think some great ones are Mango Tree, Fly Me to The Moon and Somewhere over the Rainbow. String and Bow.

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley 

500 Miles by The Proclaimers

Our most popular processional song would probably be Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley. It’s such a beautiful tune and so iconic. However, the most powerful professional moment we’ve ever had was a recent wedding where the bride chose to walk down the aisle to 500 miles by the Proclaimers. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including myself and James. It was so unexpectedly pretty for what is usually such a boisterous song! Rosie and James.

Sea Of Love by Cat Power

All You Need Is Love by The Beatles

I don’t often get booked for the ceremony part of weddings (primarily for the reception) but I have noticed couples will usually opt for a tear jerker moment for the aisle song. I’ve noticed that Cat Power’s Sea of Love or The Beatles All You Need Is Love are popular choices. I’m actually getting married later this year (wahoo!) after 15 years of being with my partner and now that we can legally do so, we’re throwing a big party. She’s a massive Cure fan so she’s opted to enter the ceremony with one of their upbeat songs (I can’t give it away in case people attending our wedding read this haha) which is just how we want to set the tone for the day! DJ Charlie Villas.

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis

Can’t go wrong with a classic. – SCR Music.

Too many good ones! We suggest one that holds special meaning to the couple OR a song that’s lyrics speak to them. – Maple Creek Music.

Endless by The McClymonts

Be My Baby by The Rosettes

I Get To Love You by Ruelle

I’m So In Love With You by Jill Andrews

I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly

Nothing Else by Angus & Julia Stone

Gosh every couple have their own favourites but a couple of newbies we’ve played recently are above but the list goes on! – Tillee Music.

500 Miles by Jefr Tale

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel K

You Make My Dreams Come True by Billie Marten

If you’re struggling to come up with an aisle song our advice would be to grab a bottle of wine, get cosy on the couch with your partner and spend some time on Spotify and YouTube. We love learning new versions of popular songs such as 500 Miles (Jefr Tale), Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Israel K), and You Make My Dreams Come True (Billie Marten) – there are loads of great cover versions out there! We can also write and record a personalised song just for you if you’re looking for something extra special. – Paper Hearts.

At Last by Etta James

I’m Yours by Secret Nation

Wedding Song by Angus & Julia Stone

Latch by Sam Smith

Above are just a few we plucked from Duke Music’s Spotify playlist featuring some of their fave wedding aisle songs. We promise your ears will like this one. – Duke Music.

The walk down the aisle and the first dance songs are very hard to suggest as they should be something particular to each couple. I suggest using something that makes sense to the couple, as the music they love to listen together, or the one that makes part of their stories, but to help, I have made a playlist to give some ideas. It’s on NOVA DJs wedding page. – Nova DJs.

Need some more music inspo? Find our Spotify playlists here.

Photography by Alex Marks Photography.


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