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6 Reasons Why Lunchtime Weddings Are Awesome

lunchtime wedding inspiration

Not a night owl? Hate wearing high heels? Allergic to formalities? There are plenty of perks to lunchtime weddings, many of which have been raised by couples in our private couples only Facebook group – Wedchat by Wedshed. Here are our favourites:


1. Day drinking

We have all had the pleasure of attending a fabulous, boozy long-lunch with good banter, delicious food and music that’s easy on the ears. These afternoon affairs always have such a good buzz about them (perhaps because it always feels a bit taboo to be drinking in the day?!) and are never a chore to attend.

2. More emphasis on food and drink

There are plenty of people who aren’t big on breakfast but everybody loves lunch. Utilising brunch or boozy lunch vibes gives you an opportunity to make your menu the focus with interactive or exciting elements and of course littered with cocktails (see our fave Spring cocktail recipes below). Think oyster bars and champagne towers.

3. Casual vibes

A daytime wedding is the perfect opportunity to create a relaxed, low-key celebration. Whether that be a more casual approach to the way you wine and dine your guests, the kind of music you play or what you decide to wear, it all makes for a very nice and stress-free vibe.

4. Time to hang with your new hubby/wife after the celebrations

There are still plenty of hours left in the day after a lunchtime wedding and the options on what you could do with that time is endless. Go to a cosy bar or fabulous restaurant, check into a fancy hotel or just simply sit somewhere and enjoy being together in your just-married love bubble.

5. Mixing it up

Some of the ideas couples have come up with as a way to fill in the time that would usually be spent mingling or dancing have included everything from Karaoke to trivia, wine tasting and bingo. But if that’s not your vibe then a shorter, lunchtime wedding is a great solution

6. What hangover

The beauty of starting your celebrations early means that come 7pm, people will be full, merry and happy to call it a day. Who doesn’t love the feeling of heading to bed at a reasonable hour after a big boozy lunch, then waking up the following day feeling fresh as a daisy (thank you 10+ hour sleep) with no hint of a hangover in sight.


++ Two of Wedshed’s favourite Spring cocktails ++ 


The Perfect Paloma 

  • 30ml of tequila (good quality blanco)
  • 100ml of Capi grapefruit soda
  • 10ml fresh lime juice
  • Garnish with a slice of ruby red grapefruit and a wedge of lime

In a short glass add ice, measured tequila and the fresh lime juice. Top with Capi grapefruit soda to desired height, then add the ruby red grapefruit slice and lime wedge to garnish.

Elderflower Spritz

  • 100ml Prosecco
  • 45ml elderflower liqueur
  • Top with soda
  • Garnish with culinary lavender

In a tall glass add ice, measured Prosecco then the elderflower liqueur. Top with soda to desired height, then garnish with dried culinary lavender.

Hero image credit: Days Like These Photography

Cocktail image credit: Bianca Virtue


For more advice and guidance navigating a wedding at this time, join our couples’ only Facebook Group ‘Wedchat by Wedshed‘. It’s a supportive space for thousands of couples experiencing the same challenges right now.

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3rd September, 2020

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