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5 reasons rain on your wedding day is the best

I’m not going to lie – whenever I envisioned my big day, it was to a backdrop of sun-drenched countryside. Maybe there were a few billowy clouds floating about, but the mental picture was definitely that of blue sky.

But we’ve come across so many amazing and joy-filled rainy wedding photos that I’m starting to wonder why I limited my imagination to perfect weather. In fact, maybe rain is perfect weather. I’ll explain.

There’s something about rain at weddings that just seems to bring out more happiness in people. Maybe everyone is compensating for the sun by radiating their own warmth. Or maybe it’s because rain is unpredictable and everyone likes to embrace a bit of spontaneity in their life.

Either way, here are some reasons why we think rain is A-OK for the big day.

Featured image by Across The Forest.

1) It’s awesome for your wedding photos

NSW-based wedding photographer Mitch Pohl explains: “An overcast day provides a nice, even light. Sometimes a beautiful sunny sky makes capturing your special moment a little difficult, particularly when the ceremony is in direct sunlight. A cloudy sky also creates a beautiful backdrop for your photos, it creates texture”.

Still Love Photography
Rain, glorious rain. Captured by Still Love Photography.

2) It means people let down their barriers

You can’t help but get to know other guests when you’re sharing an umbrella with them, or huddled under a shelter. Rain has this cheeky ability to help people let down their personal space (there might be no choice), and once you’re up close and personal with strangers, you might as well get to know them, which means for guests it becomes a day of love and new friendships.

Still Love Photography
Rain: bringing people together since the beginning of... weather? Photo by Still Love Photography.

3) Hilarious moments ensue

When everything goes to plan on a sunny day, well that’s just great. But with rain often comes unexpected moments. Puddles where once was dry ground, leaking roofs, wet shoes – it mightn’t seem funny at the time, but trust us, you’ll laugh later. These minor set-backs do nothing to diminish the love and beauty of the day, so just embrace it.

Luke Going
Embrace the comedic value of rain. Photo by Luke Going Photography.

4) You get to accessorise and dance in it

Umbrellas and gumboots. Yes and yes.

Lara Hotz
This guy knows how awesome rain is. Captured by Lara Hotz Photography.
Lara Hotz
And this is how it's done. Captured by Lara Hotz Photography.
rain on your wedding day
A romantic moment. Captured by Across The Forest.

5) It’s apparently good luck

Rain on your wedding day? Embrace the superstition. Rain is supposedly good luck and a symbol of a strong marriage ahead. You know the saying ‘tying the knot’? It’s been pointed out that a wet knot is harder to untie. Therefore, if it rains on your wedding day, chin up – it’s just a sign of all the good things to come.

Anyway, weddings aren’t about the weather – they’re about the people involved and the love between them so enjoy every last wet second.



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16th March, 2015

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