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Wedding Styling Trends For 2020 (And Beyond)

Ask us anything about unique wedding venues and we’ll write you an essay. But quiz us on wedding styling trends for 2020 (and beyond) and we’ll be the first to admit we’ll be speculating somewhat. For this reason, we reached out to Sydney-based event company George & Smee to share their expert predictions on what the industry will likely be working on behind-the-scenes in the coming wedding seasons.

Read on to hear these talented ladies’ opinions below.

Wedding Styling Trends For 2020
Photo credit: Corinna and Dylan.

1. Intimate Weddings

We were already beginning to see this wedding trend take off, and since the whole COVID-19 ordeal, intimate weddings have understandably become even more commonplace.

Even once government restrictions around COVID-related weddings are relaxed, there are benefits to having an intimate wedding. By keeping your numbers to just a handful of friends and family, you’ll have quality time with all your guests (we did the maths and if you have 100 guests and a five hour reception, you only have three minutes to talk to each wedding guest!).

The other big perk is that because less people equals less costs, you can potentially afford to dedicate more of your wedding budget toward fun and fancy things like bespoke wedding stationery, beautiful styling details, premium flowers, quality alcohol and luxe food options.

Wedding Styling Trends For 2020
Photo credit: Dan O' Day Photography.

2. Self Serve Refreshment Stations

By 2021, we’re guessing this trend will be big. It acts as an instant invitation for guests to mix and mingle, and is an interactive design feature for a wedding. It’s an effective way to beautifully display something that can be enjoyed by all with artfully created signage and florals that carry out the weddings overall look and feel.

Wedding Styling Trends For 2020
Photo credit: Jason Corroto.

3. Wedding Favours That Support Small Businesses

Supporting local businesses is particularly important given what’s going on in the world right now, and one way couples are doing this is by sourcing locally-made wedding favours. There are plenty of great options available, such as handmade ceramics and candles and miniature bottles of locally distilled liquors. For more ideas, head here.

Wedding Styling Trends For 2020
Photo credit: Jason Corroto.

4. Dried Florals

This wedding styling trend never went away and it’s unlikely it will anytime soon.  A dried bouquet makes the perfect keepsake and with lots of new ways of preserving flowers and greenery it can now look modern and chic. It’s also an incredibly resourceful and eco-friendly way to use flowers and decorate a space.

Wedding Styling Trends For 2020
Photo credit: Kate Holmes Photographer.

5. Hanging Greenery

Greenery en masse is a great way to bring a dramatic look to a ceremony or reception without the pricey cost of flowers. In days gone by, it’s predominantly been used to dress up marquees and freestanding structures but going forward, hanging greenery is shaping up to be a feature at any wedding venue. Check out this Byron Bay wedding to see what we mean.

Wedding Styling Trends For 2020
Photo credit: Jessica Ross.

6. Arches And Curves

The wedding world has finally caught on to what interior designers and architects have been obsessing over for a while now, and that’s anything without an edge. Circular ceremony backdrops, archways, curved signs and stationery and round place cards are just some of the ways couples and wedding stylists are incorporating this styling trend for 2020 into their wedding day.

Wedding Styling Trends For 2020
Photo credit: Elin Bandmann Photography.

7. Mismatched Table Arrangements

Gone are the days of traditional round tables draped in stiff white tablecloths. Instead, one of the wedding styling trends for 2020 is creating interesting shapes and layouts with a mix of tables.

It works easily with a cocktail party where high bar tables, round café tables, rectangular dining tables and low coffee tables can all be used but can also work really well with sit-down receptions by combining long rectangles with circular and square tables.

Wedding Styling Trends For 2020
Photo credit: This Day Forward Weddings.

8. Mixed Textures And Stone Materials

Using a mix of textures is becoming more and more popular as a way to break up a setting and create a multi-dimensional look. For example, blending matte and gloss finishes with natural linens or timber and cane with velvet trimmings.

Another predicted wedding styling trend for 2020 is the use of different materials, and in the vein of trying to be ‘green’, off-cuts are often used – sandstone, travertine, slate, terracotta, granite and aerated concrete.  These can be perfect to style grazing tables or for use as table centrepieces.


Featured image Mitch Pohl.


26th May, 2020

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