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The five wedding wines you’ll be serving this summer

wedding wine australia

Wine and weddings go hand-in-hand and nothing makes us happier than a delicious drop, especially in summer. There’s something about them balmy afternoons that always calls for a cheeky glass (or two, or three or…).

But as the saying goes, life’s too short to drink sh*t wine so we recruited the good folk from Vinomofo to give us the down-low on their top five summer wedding wines. And PS – right now in the lead-up to Christmas, they’re selling excellent wine at up to 75% off the RRP. If you’re BYO-ing your wedding wine, this is the time to stock up. Shop here now.


You’ve locked in the date, chosen your dress, tasted the menu and now it’s time for the fun part.

No, not the actual wedding, we’re talking about choosing wedding wines. Because as if drinking a case-load of wine in the name of “wedding planning” isn’t the best thing you’ve done in 2020.

Forget cab-merlot and cheap sauvignon blanc, you can do better on your big day and that’s why we’re here. Think of us as your personal wedding planner, completely amateur sommeliers or your slightly tipsy wedding cheer squad that get a bit over-excited instead, like your Aunt Helen who just won’t leave the dancefloor. Bloody Helen. 

French Rosé

If you could embody just one bottle of wine on your wedding day, it has to be French rosé from the Provence region. It’s elegant, dry and pretty, and is the perfect aesthetic accessory for all your wedding pics. It’s also super drinkable and will please the ladies and gentlemen. The perfect wine for guests to unwind with post-ceremony and pre-reception, just be prepared for a barrage of #roséallday and #brosé tags on your Instagram feed.

wedding wine australia


We’re not meant to choose favourites, but whatever, we love pinot. Why? Because it’s a fickle little grape that’s either hauntingly beautiful or unforgettably foul. There’s no middle ground. Light, silky and packed with red fruits and spice, it’s lovely alternative to shiraz or cab sav, especially if you’re looking at a warm-weather wedding.



GSM stands for grenache, shiraz and mourvedre and depending on your social circle, it’s probably the only orgy encouraged at a wedding. It’s a total party pleaser, and if you’re looking for something heavier than a pinot but aren’t keen on the typical classics, GSM should tick the box for the majority of guests.

It’s a good in-between for those who enjoy drinking pinot, shiraz, cabernet and merlot. Dense, rich and brooding with spicy red and black fruits, its savoury nature means it goes with pretty much anything foodwise, so whatever your wedding menu looks like, GSM is a sure winner.


australian wedding wine

Pinot Grigio

Swap the savvy b for something more exciting like pinot grigio. It’s one of Italy’s most revered grapes, making a punchy, crisp wine that’s refreshing like a glass of chilled lemonade. Expect classic notes of lime, lemon, stone fruit and apple, and the good news? You can buy quality pinot grigio at really reasonable prices, especially at Vinomofo, so you don’t have to blow half your budget on watering the masses. Win-win!

Here are some pinot grigios to get you started



We’ve saved the best for last and come on, do we really have to explain? There’s no celebration without Champagne (or a sparkling varietal) and, as Madame Chanel so eloquently expressed, “I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.” Being your wedding day and all, hopefully this is an example of the former.

So yes, #champagneallday especially when you’ve done all the hard work. You’ve endured a pandemic to get to this point. You’ve walked down the aisle without tripping on your ridiculously long, but admittedly beautiful train. You’ve said “I do” in front of your nearest and dearest, you’ve kissed your partner on the lips without smearing your lipstick and you’ve even managed to nail every single wedding photo. Your mouth hurts from smiling and your makeup is melting off, but there’s only one thing you need to remember. You. Deserve. This.


If you need help choosing wines for your special day, check out Vinomofo for the best wine deals in the country.


Want to calculate how much alcohol you’ll need for your wedding? Start here.

13th December, 2020

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