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The Top Five Wedding Catering Trends For 2024

When the subject of wedding trends is raised, our minds usually jump straight to fashion or unique wedding venues. We enjoy talking at length about these things but in doing so, we often fail to mention what is arguably the most important (and enjoyable) wedding trend: food.

This topic is incredibly close to our hearts. After all, a wedding is nothing without quality catering and while the way food is consumed (and, ah, excreted) will forever stay the same, the type of food couples are choosing to have at their wedding and the way it’s served is ever-evolving.

Gathar is Australia’s premier platform for in-home private chefs and wedding catering services and they’re well known within the wedding industry for always having their finger on the pulse when it comes to what couples are craving for their big day. So, what do they predict will be the top 5 wedding catering trends for 2024?

Top 5 Wedding Catering Trends for 2024

From pasta wheels to “Huck’s” parties, Gathar’s given us the inside scoop on what to expect food-wise this wedding season. Grab a notepad (and a snack) you’re going to want to write down these drool-worthy ideas for when it comes time to create your own wedding menu.

1. Pasta wheels steal the show

Move over basic buffets – the pasta wheels are rolling in!  Interactive cacio e pepe (‘cheese and pepper’) stations featuring al dente pasta whipped around  inside a hollowed wheel of cheese is becoming a popular request from couples booking their  catering with Gathar. We predict this trend will get ‘wheely’ big in 2024.

2. The rise of the ‘Hucks’ party

Individual hens and bucks parties? That’s so 2023! A combined ‘hucks’ party means double the fun and twice the shared memories. For couples who choose to team up for their pre-wedding celebrations, it’s all about choosing a theme that represents you both. One of the best we’ve seen was an ‘Ibiza Fiesta’, made complete with a Spanish tapas menu.

3. Late night treats and midnight munchies

More couples are planning ahead to make sure their guests have late-night snacks to keep energy levels high into the wee hours. Think gourmet sliders, mini tacos and cheeky toasties to reignite the party spirit – because everyone knows that midnight dance-offs require fuel.

4. Recovery brunch for the morning after

The wedding might be over, but the celebrations continue! A ‘recovery brunch’ is becoming an essential post-wedding event, giving guests a chance to swap stories from the night before. Gathar’s brunch grazing is proving a popular choice, offering something for everyone from breakfast bruschetta to smashed avo.

4. Intimate weddings and backyard bliss

Gathar is finding more couples are favouring smaller weddings hosted at private properties, guaranteeing an intimate feel that large venues often can’t replicate. With an emphasis on personalised experiences, these couples are choosing to have the chef bring the restaurant experience inside the home, creating a bespoke menu that represents them as a couple.

These trends reflect a welcome shift in the Australian wedding scene where couples are eager to rewrite the traditional wedding playbook. As 2024 beckons, what’s clear is that the future of wedding catering is in co-creation, where couples and caterers work together to design bespoke culinary experiences.

“At a time when weddings are becoming more personalised and less traditional, couples are looking for unique experiences,” says Gathar CEO and Co-founder, Jodie Mlikota. “We’re always excited to help couples bring their most  delicious out-of-the-box ideas to life, making sure their special day offers something really memorable.”



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13th October, 2023

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