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Seven alternatives to confetti for the eco-conscious couple

Anyone else flabbergasted while watching ABC’s War on Waste? Let us summarise. The amount of rubbish produced by humans is horrifying. To give you an idea, 50,000 coffee cups are binned (not recycled) every half an hour – and that’s just in Australia.

Weddings, like any large gathering, can unfortunately contribute significantly to the amount of waste produced each year. But given there are now plenty of alternatives to plastic (especially when it comes to confetti), it’s easy for couples to reduce their environmental footprint.

We’ve gathered some eco-friendly alternatives to traditional confetti and links to where you can snatch these great finds. Just make sure you triple check with your venue or council that it’s still okay – some places are confetti-free zones, regardless of it being non-plastic.

Biodegradable Eco Confetti

What is it? Environmentally, non-toxic confetti usually made from gluten and corn-starch or rice paper.

Where can I buy it? Ecofetti Australia, Bioconfetti, Etsy, Rice Butterflies.

How much? $20 – $70

Photo by The White Tree


What is it? A blend of seeds, fruits and nuts specifically designed for birds.

Where can I buy it? Petstock, Petbarn, Woolworths.

How much? $4 – $15


What is it? Flower petals (fresh or dried). Rose petals are a popular choice as they come in so many different colours but anything goes.

Where can I buy it? Any florist or flowers market, Blossom Tree Confetti,

How much? Free if you grow/pick your own flowers. Or around $35 – $50 per box. It’s sometimes less expensive to buy a bunch of flowers and pull the petals off yourself.

Photo by Eneka Stewart


What is it? You know, the green things that hang off trees and plants.

Where can I buy it? Believe it or not you can buy them online but we’d recommend just going for a walk and collecting your own, buying a hole punch and getting busy.

How much? Free if you DIY or around $3


What is it? Literally, rice. And just FYI, the idea that rice is harmful to birds is a myth. Rumour has it the rice swells in their stomach, causing it to explode but the truth of the matter is birds eat rice all the time during migration without any issues.

Where can I buy it? At any supermarket.

How much? $3 – $15


What is it? A liquid solution that creates bubbles.

Where can I buy it? Ebay, Etsy, Big W, Sweet Elephants as well as most party stores. You could even make your own. Aim to find non-toxic options.

How much? Approx. $20 for a pack of 50

Photo by Jess Curran Photography


What is it? Edible, tasty plants often used as a garnish in cooking. Think basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, mint etc.

Where can I buy it? Any supermarket or Farmer’s market. You could also buy seeds or potted herbs from your local nursery and grow your own.

How much? Approx. $20 for a pack of 50

Photo by Mary Jane Photography


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28th April, 2019

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