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Our Favourite Wedding Favour Ideas – Find Them Here.

People often give favours, but it’s a tradition that you could skip if you’re not fussed or you’re keen on saving a few pennies. It’s one of those things that guests don’t think about until they see it. That being said, it’s certainly a nice to have and can make guests feel special when they see you’re giving them something back.

Gifts can range from something edible (a huge yes in our books at Wedshed, you basically can’t go wrong with food), to homemade presents and even custom tattoos. We’ve pulled a bunch of our favourite wedding favour gifts below.

wedding favours luggage tags
Photo by @ sketchandetchcreative.
  • Three Foxes Distillery mini cocktails

This family-owned and operated distillery dates back four generations to 1901 and creates top-quality spirits, wines, and liqueurs. We love them for their signature flavours and bespoke spirits, liqueurs and cocktails that taste amazing and look great too. Plus, their custom labels are such a nice way to add a bit of personalisation to your wedding day. Mention WedShed when you order to receive a discount!

  • Anything food related will get you brownie points

We’re talking homemade jams from someone in the family, Maccas cheeseburger on exit of the wedding, breaky bags for the morning or a croissant for the morning (or the night if they can’t hold off).

  • On that note, cookies are a great idea

If you’re anything like us and can’t say no to a freshly baked cookie, then do check out Dough Re Mi. Their talented team produces custom cookies from scratch, making for delicious wedding favours. Plus, grab 20% off your custom cookie stamp via their WedShed profile.

  • Your faces on a custom tattoo

Tattly temporary tattoos are pretty cool and fairly different. They’re high-quality temporary tattoos, designed by profesh artists. Plus, they’re made with vegetable-based ink, can be fully customised and ship worldwide. We’ve seen couples create temporary tattoos of their faces given to guests (and the places they end up won’t surprise you…).

  • A personalised letter

We love this idea. A WedShed bride recently handwrote thank you cards to each of their guests and had them at their seat as place cards. Yes, they spent hours carefully crafting thoughtful notes to 60 guests, but it allowed them to express how much they meant to the couple, the qualities they admired the most and gave them a chance to thank them for shaping them into the people they were today.

  • Luggage tags that double as place cards

Place cards that double as luggage tags? Hell yeah. Sketch & Etch Creative have totally nailed this concept and can package it up to include a welcome sign, seating chart, menus, luggage tags and more, as seen here.

  • Scratchies

These can cost you as little as $2 and could end with a guest walking away with a sweet $150 in the back of their pocket.

  • A helping hand for the hangover

There’s a huge chance the majority of your guests will wake up with a fairly sore head the next day, so Hydralyte Tablets can be a funny and thoughtful gift to help them feel a bit fresher in the AM.

  • Put the money towards the charity of your choice

What we’ve loved in recent years is the rise of couples making a donation to a charity or cause that resonates with them on behalf of their guests. A note can be popped on the wedding table to let guests know, or your MC could drop in a little mention when they’re going through house-keeping (if you’ve got an MC on duty for the day). You might want to support a charity or foundation that has immediate ties to something you or a family member have experienced. Or you might want to support animal welfare. Or you might like to ‘Buy A Bale’ or donate to farmers affected by drought. You can’t really do wrong here.

10th October, 2019

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