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Has the vintage trend gotten old?
Or have we just lost sight of what vintage styling actually looks like? Fold away the doilies and read on to find out what vintage really means – and what it looks like.
Good Day Rentals
Words by Amy Parfett
5 July 2016

We know – asking if vintage is old seems like a rhetorical question.

But what we’re talking about here is whether the trend of vintage styling at weddings is over the hill. You know, the lace-covered jars, the paisley print bunting and doily-covered tables, the purposefully distressed everything… that kind of vintage.

And if you ask us, then yes. That kind of vintage has probably seen its heyday.

But there’s a different kind of vintage that will never get old. And for good reason – because it’s glorious. And because, as Kate Forsyth from Good Day Club puts it; Vintage is a style, not a trend.

We’ll let Kate explain.

“If you type ‘vintage’ into Pinterest, you’ll see photos of beautiful enamel typewriters, dresses so special you might marry in them, romantic Vespas, ornate dressing tables and cool black and silver cameras.

But if you type in ‘vintage wedding’. there is a proliferation of a very narrow view of what vintage is, done a million, trillion times. Wine barrels, ladders, reproduction suitcases, mason jars and a lot of burlap and lace. And most of it is new, not vintage. Mass produced and available in your local chain store.

To humble old me, using vintage furnishings to create a unique event is not about wheeling out nanna’s old couch (though I am sure your nanna’s couch is shit hot).

It’s about taking contemporary and fashion-forward colours, textures and shapes and delivering that look and feel using vintage pieces.”

In other words, we need to reclaim the word vintage and associate with where it rightfully belongs – with furniture and items that have history, craftsmanship and beauty.

Using vintage styling items won’t automatically see your wedding fall into a ‘vintage theme’ – rather you can (and should) use selected bits and pieces to inject your own personal style into your big day.

So in short, no. vintage is not dead at all. Rather, it’s an everlasting style that has perhaps been slightly confused with done-to-death versions of ‘vintage’. Vintage isn’t ‘vintage’, if you know what we mean. Yes? Grand. And if not, check out some of the our favourite vintage items from Good Day Club below to get the gist.

French pink dining chairs
1860s antique chaise lounge
Silver art deco drinks trolley
Beechworth Theatre seat
Copper wedding arch
White vinyl 50s lounge chair
Mid-century bar
Purple and blue love seat, pink settee and floral lounge chair
Mid-century telephone table
Millsy dining chair
Scalloped planter box
Mustard mid-century leather dining chairs

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