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11 Gorgeous Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Styles

wedding ceremony backdrop

After some ceremony backdrop inspo? Good – because here you are.

The ceremony spot is one of the first things we gravitate toward when we’re checking out wedding photos. It’s the place where you get to say some really important words and seal the deal with your other half. You have your first married kiss here and you get a load of pics taken here. So it’s worth a bit of thought, and perhaps some dressing up.

Of course, an amazing tree or natural setting is hard to beat, but we love seeing couples think outside the square and come up with some creative settings to say ‘I do’ at.

Check out some of our fave ceremony backdrops we’ve come across to date.


Featured image by Nectarine Photography.


If you really want to put your own stamp on your wedding ceremony, a personalised backdrop is something to seriously consider. Plus it’s something you can put in your home as a lovely reminder of the moment you became (official) lovers for life.

Photo: Love Her Wild. Styling: Butcher Baker Stylist. Flowers: Signature Floral Design.
unique wedding ceremony
Photo: Jackson Grant Weddings. Florals: Easy End Flower Market.


Circular ceremony backdrops are a great way to symbolise the commitment you and your partner are about to enter into. You see, a circle has no beginning and no end, expressing oneness and unity. Symbolism aside, they’re also just really lovely to look at.

circular ceremony backdrops
Photo: Brendan Back. Florals: Bower Botanicals. Hire: The Wedding Shed.
neon ceremony signage
Photo: Captured by Kate. Florals: Gypsy Carmen. Styling: The Wedding and Event Creators.


Indoor venues open up a whole new world of possible ceremony backdrops as the ground is level, weather is a non-issue and (pending approval) there are multiple anchor points for hanging installations, signage etc.

indoor wedding ceremony
Photo: Merge Photography. Florals: Signature Floral Design.
indoor wedding ceremony
Photo: Will & Co. Styling: Found Collective.

Neon Signage

There’s never a dull moment when one of these bad boys decides to make an appearance. Neon signs are nothing new but they continue to pack a serious punch when it comes to adding a fun (and often personalised) element to your wedding ceremony.

neon wedding signage
Photo: Lilly Red. Signage: Sketch & Etch Creative. Florals: Bower Botanicals.
neon wedding signs

Bright Florals

Nothing says “we’re here to celebrate” quite like a burst of bright flowers. It is and always will be a great way to beautifully define a space and get your guests excited for the hours ahead. Plus it looks amazing! Check out this real wedding as an example.

bright wedding ceremony backdrops
Photo: Amanda Alessi. Florals: Butcher, Baker, Stylist.
wedding ceremony backdrops
Photo: Katherine Wilson Photography. Florals: The Make Haus.

Dried And Preserved Florals

Not only do dried and preserved florals pack a punch visually, they’re also wilt-resistant (meaning there’s one less thing to worry about if it’s a steaming hot day). In the spirit of being eco-friendly, they can be re-used and also make for a lovely wedding keepsake.

wedding ceremony
Photo: The Raw Photographer. Styling: Found Collective. Flowers: Flowers In Nature.
wedding ceremony
Photo: By The Wilde. Florals: The Floral Criteria. Styling: Artaud and Co.


Arbours are still around for a reason – they look great, provide endless styling opportunities and are an effective way of defining a ceremony space. Whether it’s an arch or something more abstract we’re forever fans of a wedding arbour for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies.

wedding ceremony
Photo: Zoe Morley. Styling: Jordan Weaver Events. Flowers: Ivy Lane Collective.
wedding ceremony
Photo: Sherise Flemming. Styling and florals Pia + Jade.


When it comes to weddings, there is no ‘right’ way to celebrate. Take this couple as a prime example. If you want to do something a little out of the ordinary for your wedding ceremony, we say go for it! Don’t consider yourself particularly creative? Find some awesome stylists here.

creative ceremony backdrops
Photo: Camilla Kirk. Florals: Flowers by Ola. Styling: The Petal Prop Co.
creative ceremony backdrops
Photo: Adam Levi Browne. Styling: The Wedding Concept. Florals: Flowers by Elli Page.


Mixing textures immediately creates a space that demands attention. Think crunchy, smooth, silky and rough – the list goes on and there is no limit to how many textures you can use. Sometimes however, keeping the colour palette simple avoids it looking like a messy mistake.

unique ceremony backdrops
Photo: Katie Harmsworth. Florals: Twig Studio.
Photo: Bianca Virtue. Styling: Forethought by Samantha. Flowers: Wren Floralista.


For a while fabric ceremony backdrops felt a bit 2010 but some clever humans have found new ways of using fabric and draping to create some very beautiful and modern wedding ceremony backdrops (as pictured below). Throw in some florals and you’re done.

wedding ceremony
Photo: Megan Kelly. Styling: The Romance. Flowers: Nikau Flora.
wedding ceremony
Photo: Hayley Rafton. Styling and flowers: Honeyfig.

Capitalising On View

If you want to create a beautiful ceremony space but don’t want to completely obstruct the view (especially if the view is the whole reason you chose that spot) then instead of a large set-up consider some asymmetrical free form arrangements or a small arrangement low to the ground.

Photo: Days Like These Photography. Styling: Little Lane Events. Flowers: Ellebore.
Photo: Dan Brannan. Styling and flowers Poppy Culture.
7th March, 2021

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