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Our top wedding hair and makeup trends for 2019
Ready to find out what’s trending in beauty this wedding season? We chatted to some of the best bridal hair and makeup artists to find out what should be happening above those shoulders on your big day. Spoiler: it’s all about embracing what you’ve already got. And we’re loving it.
cool wedding makeup 2018
Words by Karina Lowndes
24 September 2018

Beauty trends come and go but we think these top hair and makeup wedding trends for 2019 might be here for a while. Think natural, radiant skin, full brows and textured hair. According to our hair and makeup experts, this year brides are demonstrating that sometimes less is more.

1. The Meghan Markle Effect

We were worried for a minute the entire world was going to end up looking like Kim Kardashian with #onfleek brows and #contour everything. Thankfully, it appears that natural, radiant beauty is back (and hopefully it’s here to stay for a while).

“…barely there, sheer foundation with coverage only where you need it. Think Meghan Markle and her glorious freckles”, says Sydney hair and makeup artist Niki Simpson.

Brit Gerrans, a makeup artist from WA, has noticed the same trend, telling us, “We are all aware of how Meghan Markle had her makeup done for the royal wedding, and since then I have had many brides show me looks similar to this that they are after… it’s all about the fresh base”.

“Natural makeup is definitely a new trend to follow for next year and by natural I mean just beautiful luminous skin with a beautiful eyebrow and maybe a soft wash of sheen or brown on the eyes. No mascara and focusing more on a statement hairstyle or a dress”, says Kristin Brett, a successful editorial makeup artist who also runs Brides by Kristin Brett.

WA makeup artist
Sydney makeup artist
Sydney makeup artist
Byron Bay makeup artist

2. Bold lips

Bold lips have always been a popular fashion makeup trend but rumour has it brides are now incorporating it into their wedding makeup look. It’s an easy way to add some drama and for a more modern take, pair it with natural, luminous makeup.

“Luminous skin, no mascara and a glossy or matte statement red lip is one of my favourite looks”, says Kristin. “If you think it might be too much for your ceremony but still love the look, you can leave out the lipstick for the ceremony and ask your makeup artist to stick around for touch ups and rock your reception with a statement lip.”

“A deep berry plum lip shade is striking without being OTT and suits almost everyone”, adds Niki. “Use the same tone on the cheeks to keep it consistent.”

“A bold lip can really suit certain personalities. It’s fun, it’s sassy and it’s a little daring. Picking the right shade is essential but the result is a serious wow factor”, says Karina Prebble, another Sydney makeup artist who agrees this looks lovely when the rest of the makeup is more restrained.

WA makeup artist
Sydney makeup artist
Sydney makeup artist
Sydney makeup artist

3. Flushed cheeks and freckles

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Australia, chances are you’ll be sporting a few freckles. And since makeup is all about enhancing what you already have, it’s no surprise that brides are starting to embrace their sun-kissed skin. Don’t have any? Ask your makeup artist to add a few faux freckles. Add a flush of colour to your cheeks and you’re wedding ready.

“Again after seeing Meghan Markle embrace her freckles, more brides are embracing theirs too. I often do natural drawn on freckles for shoots – now I am seeing it in brides wanting this look especially if they naturally already have freckles and just want to add more”, says Aleisha Johnson, a makeup artist who splits her time between Sydney and Byron Bay.

Another trend she’s noticed brides gravitating towards is “natural, pink fresh rosy cheeks” to create a “fresh glow”. “Think fresh face, clean makeup and natural pink fresh rosy cheeks but not too much shimmering illuminator… enhancing their features but still looking natural.”

2018 top hair and makeup wedding trends
2018 top hair and makeup wedding trends
2018 top hair and makeup wedding trends
2018 top hair and makeup wedding trends

4. Relaxed hairstyles

Intricate woven updos are few and far between. Brides now are opting for natural, beach-inspired hairstyles that are carefree and require minimal maintenance.

“This year I’m seeing brides moving towards more effortless looking hairstyles for their wedding day. Think big relaxed buns, textured ponytails, undone boho braids and loose tousled waves. I personally love these textured, perfectly imperfect hairstyles… the more relaxed the better!” says hair queen Danielle of Deelush Hair – a mobile hair service based in Sydney.

“Soft, whispy texture makes classic styles relaxed and modern”, adds Niki who has noticed a lot of requests for big, undone braids too.

“The unconstructed braid/s can either be worn delicately around the face or in thick fishtail styles to the back, perfectly finishing a boho/gypsy look. Finished with either hairpieces or fresh flowers for that “wow” factor”, adds Danielle.

mobile hair stylist Sydney
wedding makeup trends
mobile hair stylist Sydney
wedding makeup trends

4. Brushed-through brows

Ever looked back on photos and wondered why on earth you thought it was a good idea to over-pluck your eyebrows? Guilty. It was a fairly frightening look. Thankfully, full, brushed-through brows are the new wedding makeup trend.

“Good brows are so important. They frame your face, accentuate your eyes and show emotion. Full, brushed-through brows are flattering, sophisticated and more youthful-looking on everyone”, says Karina.

“Natural brows with just a swipe of tinted brow gel to groom and give volume is a very popular bridal makeup trend at the moment”, says Niki.

2018 bridal trends
wedding hair and makeup ideas
wedding hair and makeup ideas
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