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Going Wedding Dress Shopping? Here Are Six Tips To Read First.

wedding dress shopping

Ready to go wedding dress shopping? Congrats! Epic times ahead.

Before you hit the road, we’ve got some expert tips to share from both us WedShed folk and Natasha Duffy, the creative director of bridal brand White Meadow. They’ll make the experience that much better – and easier. Because, trust us, confusion can be a very real thing when you’re attempting to decide between the most beautiful dresses you might’ve ever tried on. Read on.

Featured image of White Meadow gown captured by Bianca Virtue.

Keep an open mind when trying on gowns. Sarah's wearing White Meadow 'Sunset Love' and 'The One'.

1. BRIDE: Keep an open mind

What suits other brides and looks good in magazines may not necessarily suit you – and that’s totally okay. We recommend trying on various dress shapes and styles, as they often look completely different on the body than they do on the racks. Listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to be authentic – if you feel amazing in the dress you pick, it will inevitably show and turn heads on the day. Don’t get caught up chasing other people’s ideas of what your wedding dress should and shouldn’t be.

Also, allow yourself to be guided by the designer or consultant in the store. They see literally thousands of women in dresses and may be able to suggest some styles that you’d never consider yourself but that will look incredible on you.

2. BRIDE: Recruit the right tribe

Take a moment and think about who you invite to your dress shopping appointments before you jump in and invite every man and their dog.

  • Who are the people that know you inside out?
  • Whose opinion do you value and trust the most?
  • Who will contribute with the right comments and help you by being honest, constructive, and ultimately bring you closer to making the right decisions on the day?
  • Who is wonderful at making your feel good and will bring warm energy, without being a total yes-(wo)man?
wedding dress shopping
Supportive tribe: tick. Interstate mum on Skype: tick. Sarah's wearing White Meadow 'The One'.

3. BRIDE: Wear the right underwear

The right knickers can make a big difference when trying on dresses. Put your best foot forward by packing a pair of skin coloured laser cut numbers and a nude strapless bra – it will work wonders for you and give you a much more accurate idea of how the dress fits you. If your tummy is a concern, we often see brides armed with their favourite pair of Nancy Ganz/Spanx too.

4. BRIDE: Come feeling good

Put a bit of effort in beforehand to make yourself feel great before you even step into the bridal salon. While you shouldn’t come with a face full of makeup or a fake tan (it can rub off on gowns), if you feel like your hair and nails are on point, that’ll make a difference.

wedding dress shopping
Let the designer help make adjustments. And wear nude, seamless knickers. Sarah wears White Meadow's 'Kindred'.

5. BRIDAL PARTY: Don’t forget the champers (if allowed) 

Every salon is different. If you plan to bring any treats or bubbly, be sure to ask if they’ll allow it first. Many bridal salons offer champagne to their guests already, however, some would prefer it not to be in their bridal suite, to avoid any potential spillage.

6. BRIDAL PARTY: Be a supportive friend

It’s the bride’s decision. Don’t forget if you’re invited dress shopping, then you’re there for support. Let your girl decide how she feels about the gown before you jump in with a yay or nay.


Searching for beautiful, affordable Australian-designed bridal wear?  You can find more of White Meadow’s work right here. And feel welcome to get in touch with Natasha with any of your bridal fashion questions – she’s very happy to help.


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14th January, 2020

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