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Five Solid Reasons To Choose Local Wedding Vendors

Just like buying local is so important, hiring local vendors is equally up there on the ‘important things list’. Why? Well, the bottom line is that it helps money stay within the local economy, often boosting smaller towns and regions where destination weddings are hosted. Plus, with the smorgasbord of talented local vendors just a click away online and available all across the country, there’s really no reason to not have to go local. Read on to learn our five top reasons why you should opt for local wedding vendors.

Featured vendor The Gelato Bike, captured by Red Berry Photography at Terragong Country House

Five solid reasons to choose local wedding vendors:

  1. You’ll save money – goes without saying really but you’re likely to save on costs by hiring locally as you can kiss goodbye travel costs, accommodation, and so forth, and trust us when we say, the last thing you want to be doing is lugging around truckloads of furniture or moving things about in the week leading up to your wedding – it’s a lot of work.
  2. Local vendors know the locals – you might even snag a discount thanks to connections with other people and vendors in the local area to help them get the job done.
  3. Local vendors are just as talented as people out of the area – there’s really no need to bring in vendors from out of the area if you’re looking to avoid this. Most regions are booming with plenty of choices on the vendor front, and talented ones at that.
  4. All-round good for the local economy (and environment) – with less travel and them being local and in close proximity to you, you’re doing good for the environment while putting money back into the local economy, and with lots of weddings hosted in small regions these days, it goes a lot further than you might think.
  5. Local vendors can educate you on the area – every single part of a country is totally different, from the weather to the sunset and what’s available in that region, it all varies. Having a local crew on your W-Team means they’ll know exactly what the deal is and how best to operate. They’re also likely to know the venue as well and have potentially even worked there before.


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25th May, 2020

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