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Tips for handling a wet weather wedding

wedding weather

We’d say rainy weather crosses 99.9% of couples’ minds in the lead up to their wedding day and is probably the number one stressor for most couples. We’re here to tell you not to worry (and that you’re not alone).

Australia has some of the most unpredictable weather about (especially as of late), so one thing to note is that the forecast can actually sometimes be wrong. Plus, it’s worth noting it’s actually a photographers dream to capture a wedding on a cloudy day, rather than direct sunshine. Not to mention, after the rain has passed, the colours surrounding you are much more vibrant and it leaves behind fresh greenery that’s both glossy and rich.

Here are some tips to handle the weather on your wedding day.

Photographed by @lucie.weddings.

wedding weather
Captured by Janneke Storm.


  • Pull together a wet weather plan

This one probably feels like a no brainer, but chat with your venue about a wet weather plan (even if you don’t think it’s necessary), just to know your options. Another alternative is to have a marquee vendor in mind, in case you need to call them in the week before your wedding.

  • Buy some clear umbrellas

We’ve seen this at a few awesome real weddings lately, and it honestly looks ultra-cool. Exhibit A can be found here.

  • … and some gumboots

Gumboots (AKA wellies) can look fun for pics under the brides and bridesmaids dresses pre-ceremony.

  • Consider warm beverages and blankets

If your guests are outside in the chilly rain, a blanket over their lap or a warm drink in hand can go a long way. We’re talking anything from mulled wine to hot chocolate and your favourite tea.

  • Ensure everything is running on time

Pretty standard really, but ensuring you and your partner are on time to your ceremony will mean your guests aren’t waiting too long in the cold and rain. This can put a literal dampener on people’s spirits.

  • Set some rules

There’s no point talking about the weather every second when it’s totally out of your control. We suggest making it a blanket rule that no one can mention the weather or the word ‘rain’ a week out from the wedding.

  • Think positive

Realistically, nothing can change the weather, and your big day will be a hit nonetheless. Go in with the right attitude, and do whatever helps you feel the most relaxed.⁠


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8th November, 2019

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