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Hey there, I’m Zoe! I’m a Sydney Marriage Celebrant and MC, and I’m genetically engineered to make you feel ridiculously amazing and loved up on your wedding day. As your Celebrant and biggest cheerleader, I’ll get to the heart of the real you, take a whole lotta load off your plate, and make sure you get a ceremony that is super fun and expresses your personalities. When we tell your awesome love story, we’ll all laugh, happy cry and laugh again. I’ll warn your guests to grab the tissues because mascara is gonna run!

I’m part wedding nerd, part funny best friend and part uber profesh organiser. That means I can help with everything from your ceremony to your party and I’ll make sure we have fun along every step of the way to your big day. We’re not gonna worry about tired wedding cliches because they have no place at your kick-ass wedding. On my watch, you’ll rock your vows however and wherever you like!

So if you’ve said Yes! to doing it your way and Hell No! to a boring, join the dots kinda wedding, then I’m the celebrant for you!
Hit the enquiry button and talk wedding to me. Let’s get married!
Zoe XX


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I’d LOVE to offer you a special 10% discount for any package when you choose me as your celebrant! Just mention “Sheddies Special” when you make your enquiry. Drop me a line and talk wedding to me. Can’t wait to find out more. Love Zoe XX

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  • Fav thing about your job? It's definitely a combo of making couples feel amazingly special and being their No 1 cheer leader as well as indulging my obsession with wedding styling. I am a fool for a mood board!
  • Three words that describe you? Enthusiastic, relatable, funny
  • Best wedding-related tip? Wedding day regrets suck, so you must abolutely, positively and without a doubt, only do what gives YOU joy. Don't worry about other people's expectations, just worry about nailing what makes you happy. Also, get a wedding team that feels like they're your friends and not just your vendors. If you love your photographer, celebrant and planner, you'll feel happy and relaxed on the day. And that's what it's all about I say!
  • Favourite place in the world? It's a toss up between any sea-side village on any Greek Island and the majesty that is New Zealand's South Island. Sometimes you wanna climb a mountain and sometimes you just wanna lay your lazy self on a beach.
  • Tip-off on your predicted next wedding trend? It's not a new trend but I reckon weddings are becoming more intimate and more of an experience for the couple and guests. Couples aren't just doing things that have always been done but rather adding thoughtful detals that express who they truly are. I love that.
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