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Should I hire a wedding videographer?

Tossing up whether or not to hire a wedding videographer? You’re not the first couple. Here’s the thing – it’s a given that almost everyone generally hires a photographer for their day, but videography often seems like an afterthought. Something that would be nice, but isn’t an essential.

Well, neither are flowers. Or professional hair and makeup. Or even rings (it’s true).  Beyond having an authorised marriage celebrant to make things official (and of course, two willing participants), nothing is essential at a wedding. But for whatever reason, videography is often questioned.

We here at Wedshed HQ are no different. One of the founders didn’t have videography and one of them did. And guess who feels like they came out on top? Not the former. Yes, it would’ve stretched the already broken budget (which is the reason why she didn’t go for it) but long after the day has passed and dress is packed away and the good times are a happy yet increasingly fuzzy set of memories, some footage of it all would be really nice. And it would last the test of time.

So on that note, should I hire a wedding videographer? If you can make room for it in your funds, do it. Nothing captures your day in the same way as film. Not even photos.

But enough from us. We invited you guys to ask us any questions you had related to wedding videography via Instagram so that we could put them to the pros.

We’ve enlisted the help of the fantastic wedding filmmaker Eddie from Ripple Weddings to answer all your burning questions around pricing, drone footage, music etc. and to provide some clarity around the arguments for and against wedding films.


I’d like to just generally know more about videography for my wedding. Why have a wedding film?

Most couples mention it’s their video they pull out and watch on a rainy day. Video brings an emotion that photo simply can’t.

When should they start/finish?

We generally suggest your videographer starts 1.5-2 hours prior to the ceremony and stay to capture at least 20 minutes of dance floor. That way the whole day is comprehensively captured. The dancing is the fun part!

What’s the go with drone footage? Looks amazing but some videographers won’t do it because of the drone laws. Is it illegal to film in public vs. private properties? Is drone footage for your wedding considered commercial or flying for fun?

Drone laws allow videographers with licences to fly within permitted areas. Anything close to a major hub (i.e. the CBD) or within 5km of a major airport is a no go.

How many hours should you hire for? 

It all depends what time your formalities are scheduled for, 7-9 hours is generally the sweet spot.

I already paid a lot for a photographer… it will really blow the budget for videography. Is it worth it?

Wedding videos are awesome and we haven’t had a couple that have regretted their decision, most actually say it’s their best investment. That being said, wedding bills can start to rack up so that’s a decision you and your partner need to make together. You’ll be able to check out each videographer’s portfolio which will make your decision a little easier.

What’s a general price for wedding videography?

It all varies depending on quality, equipment and experience. I’d try and avoid paying for anything under $3k for 8 hours. Like most things, you get what you pay for. The price may seem high, however your videographer will likely spend 20+ hours creating your video in post production. That’s where the magic happens.

I would like to have recordings of speeches/vows but I’m unsure whether to pay the price to have it professionally done.

Great option, the most critical part is sourcing quality audio. Then you’ll need a camera that’s good enough to handle low light reception environments. That’s what makes hiring a professional so important.

Can I have a Coldplay song for my wedding video track? How can I choose a royalty free song?

Copyright law will not allow you to use a Coldplay track without royalty fees which for an artist of that calibre, would be in the hundreds of thousands. A legal way around this is to have your video password protected and hidden from public view and search engines.

This is the way we’ve been operating for a few years now. All videographers that work this way pay a relatively small annual fee to APRA for a ‘Domestic Use Video Licence’ which covers weddings. You can still share your video with family and friends.

Do you have any tips for choosing a videographer?

Best to check out their portfolio online and jump on a call with them. Personally we love raw, fun and candid moments which you’ll see in our videos. Other couples love traditional, posed type videos. It all comes down to personal taste. We find a lot of our work comes from word of mouth so have a chat to your mates that are married and see what they suggest.

Some things to ASK your videography team:

  • Do you record speeches and the ceremony?
  • How long is the main highlight reel?
  • How does the day usually run?

Some things to TELL your videography team:

  • Any essential shots to capture other than the obvious ones i.e. Grandma at the front of the aisle, exchanging of gifts, the detail in my ring etc.

Oh hey, and a final word from us here at Wedshed: if you’ve got any other questions, hit us up in the comments below. Or get in touch with Ripple Weddings who’ll be more than happy to clue you up. You can find more of their gorgeous work via their Wedshed profile here.


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9th July, 2018

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  1. Hello, I’m wondering if you have any advice for getting the ceremony on film ourselves? We thought about having a videographer but it just wasn’t in our budget and we are very awkward as it is in front of the camera haha. We don’t want any phones / cameras during the ceremony because we want people in the moment but I would love to have some footage to look back on

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