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How To Write A Wedding Speech

How to write a wedding speech

You know how it goes.

*bride/groom gets up, takes microphone*

“I just want to begin by saying a huge thank you to everyone for joining us today. It means so much to us. We just want to give a special shout-out to a few people without whom this day wouldn’t have been possible…”


This is hands-down the most common way that most couples kick off a wedding speech. Hell, it’s the way most (if not all) of our team did too. But it’s a quick-fire way to get your guests politely sipping drinks, eyes semi-glazing while they mentally drum their fingers on the table waiting for the ACTUAL speech to start.

You know it’s true right? Because you’ve probably been that guest.

We’ve learned a few things about what makes a good wedding speech land over the last seven years of watching countless wedding videos, attending weddings and getting married. Also, writing and story-telling for a living.


Those obligatory wedding speech thank you’s? Don’t lead with them. ⁠What to do instead?

Park them in the middle of your speech. It means you can start with something that’s going to really capture your guest’s attention, and end with something that’s going to leave everyone on a love-filled high.

To find out what those sandwich subjects could be? And get word-for-word examples? Head right here for dets on our speech-writing workshop. No matter where you stand on writing and delivering speeches (e.g. don’t mind it/prefer to stab eye with blunt instrument), we’re so confident that you’ll be left feeling 100% ready to roll with your speech that we’ll sling your cash back if it’s any other outcome.

Click here, Shakespeare.

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10th January, 2022

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  1. Is this how you leave a review? If not, can you tell me where I can leave it.
    Just wanted to say that the online speech writing workshop was hands down one of the best things I’ve ever invested in.
    I was recently the maid of honour for my best friend. I had some funny and nice stories and roughly knew what I wanted to get across, however had no idea how to bring it all together. After watching the webinar and following the bravo method, it was so easy and just started flowing. I am so incredibly happy and amazed with how it turned out and as a result, was not at all nervous about doing it. I talked about how I met the bride and groom, told their story, included some funny memories, celebrated them and talked about why they are so great together. I also thanked all their friends, bridal party and family. My expectations of how it would be received were blown out of the water. The best man started his speech with “fuck rach” how do I follow that. The father of the bride said “I’ll follow the best man in saying fuck rach, speechless”. So many people told me how good the speech was including the photographer and multiple people told me it was the best speech they’d ever heard. I didn’t need the feedback but truely believe that it hit the way that it did from following the webinar and bravo method. I will recommend the workshop to anyone and I can’t thank you guys enough, it made the whole process so dam easy and stress free!

    Rachael Hammond
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