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Getting married in Bali? Here are 5 tips to read first.

A destination wedding sometimes can be both exciting but a little bit daunting, especially if you don’t know much about the chosen destination.

We’ve enlisted the help of Bali wedding planner gurus, Bali.Love for their top 5 tips for getting married in Bali. Collectively their team has 20 years of industry experience and have spent hours cruising around Bali scouting some of the best venues on offer, as seen below.

Photography by Lauren Anne Photography of Pandawa Cliff Estate.

5 top tips for getting married in Bali

  • Keep an eye out for hidden costs

Budgeting is always a tricky one with weddings, so making sure you’re keeping control of your costs is the key to avoiding any additional and unnecessary stress. It’s important to remember that, unlike in Australia and some other countries, taxes and services charges aren’t required to be included in the price you see, so you can easily end up paying upwards of 20% more than you thought you would be charged. Make sure when you see a price, especially if it is in Indonesian Rupiah, you look for the price including taxes and service.

  • Select your dream team of suppliers carefully

Consumer laws and regulations are also not as strict in Bali as in some other countries – as a general rule, the Balinese culture emphasises honesty and most people you deal with won’t be looking to rip you off, but there are so many vendors and foreign businesses set up in Bali that it’s important to make sure you only work with reputable companies.

  • Communication is everything

If someone can’t answer questions clearly and get back to you quickly during the quotation process, don’t go with them, it’s as simple as that. There is nothing more stressful when it comes to wedding planning than having important questions that need answering and not being able to get a peep out of the person who’s supposed to be helping you.

Clear, friendly and timely communication will keep you informed and relaxed, knowing that everything is under control and that if you do have a question, you’ll be able to get an answer when you need it. Of course, some planners will get exceptionally busy during the peak of wedding season, but if this is the case and it’s going to affect response times they should let you know the expected time it will take them to get back to you.

  • Consider the marriage laws of Bali

All countries have differences in their laws and culture, and Bali is no different. Indonesia’s laws regarding marriage are quite different from many other countries and require (among other things) the couple to declare they are the same religion, participate in a religious ceremony and file paperwork at very specific times and places. For this reason, we usually recommend the legalities are taken care of in Australia and you simply have the ceremonial aspect held in Bali. We’ve written more on this topic here.

Bali is a majority Hindu island and the island is deeply spiritual, which makes it a very special place to be married. The Balinese truly appreciate the value of ceremony and ritual, and there are frequent religious ceremonies held throughout the year. It’s a good idea to double-check your chosen wedding date to see if it coincides with certain ceremonies it may impact on your wedding.

  • Make the most of all Bali has to offer

Don’t miss out on all the amazing things that make Bali special. With your guests all traveling to the one place, your wedding celebration doesn’t need to just be one day like it would be back home, in Bali you can make it a wedding week!

Organise a boat trip around the surrounding islands for your bucks and hens, have pre-wedding drinks at one of the many amazing beach bars, pamper yourself like crazy at one of the luxurious spas, enjoy endless delicious food and cocktails or throw a wedding recovery brunch poolside in your villa – the list goes on.

4 of Bali Love’s beautiful villas to consider

Jeeva Saba

Give a wave goodbye to the busy Bali center and discover a private luxury of your own at this gorgeous villa on Bali’s picturesque east coast.⁠ Think a once-in-a-lifetime party location (aka, an epic wedding with all of your mates) at this beautiful coastal pavilion and beach house with eight bedrooms onsite. We also ought to make mention of the enormous infinity pool on site, which makes for an ideal recovery party sesh. ⁠⠀

Puri Bhagawan

A whole Bali estate to yourself on a secluded clifftop garden setting – meet Puri Bhagawan, an epic spot to catch a Bali sunset.⁠ Renowned for its natural beauty, this blank canvas includes a small army of staff who take care of every detail (and we literally mean every detail).⁠⠀

Taman Bhagawan

What a location for a barefoot wedding with beautiful ocean views. Tucked away in super laid-back Nusa Dua, you’ll find Taman Bhagawan – a secret garden of your own that’s smack bang on the beach.⁠ This private venue is just a stone throw away from a bunch of beautiful accommodation nearby, yet you’re miles away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns.⁠ Plus there’s no stress on the planning side with their expert team of planners and food taken care of by Vivre Catering.⁠

Villa Plenilunio

Insane views – check, pool – check, private villa – check, accommodation for 20 guests – check. You get the point. Villa Plenilunio ticks all the boxes.⁠ This clifftop villa in Uluwatu features 10 beautiful rooms, sunset ocean vistas, and all the little luxuries that come with a boho-Mediterranean style wedding. ⁠⠀

15th October, 2019

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