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Our Favourite 2022 Wedding Hair And Makeup Trends

Now that Covid is a thing of the past (shhh… positive vibes. Hush now, Omicron), we thought it was time to redirect the conversation to something much less serious – wedding hair and makeup trends!

Whether you’re a self-confessed beauty junkie or a hair and makeup novice, it’s nice to know what the most requested bridal beauty looks will be in 2022.

We’re putting money on 2022 being the year we see classic hair and makeup looks revived (think red lips, bridal veils and blow drys) and the dominant beauty trends from 2021 like matte lipsticks, contouring and unruly eyebrows replaced with gloss lips, just-pinched cheeks and tamed brows.

Of course, we always encourage brides to stick to their guns and create a look that honours their individual style and personality. But if you’re keen to see what’s ‘in’ or just want to look at some pretty pics, keep scrolling…

Featured image: Matt Godkin Weddings. HMUA: Phoebe Fever.


Voluminous blow drys

To be fair, it’s not like blow drys ever went out of style. But in recent times with blow dry bars popping up everywhere, they’ve really made their mark. In 2022 we expect to see a lot of brides opting for a smooth, voluminous blow dry for their wedding hair (think Kate Middleton vibes).

2022 wedding hair and makeup trends
Photo credit: Michelle Prunty Photography. Hair: Paula Grehan.

Gloss lips

Your time to shine is now, with the liquid matte lip products that were a must-have last year likely taking a back seat (at least temporarily) in 2022, with gloss lips being the preferred choice for wedding makeup. Fortunately for whoever you’re kissing at the end of the aisle, there are plenty of non-sticky glosses on the market now (amen!).

2022 hair and makeup trends
Photo credit: Days Like These Photography. HMUA: Karina Prebble Makeup.

Tamed brows

There are rumours that the thin eyebrows of the 90’s are making a comeback. A scary thought and in a way, they are. This time around, however, it won’t mean plucking them to within an inch of their life (praise be!) but rather taming and tidying them to create the most sculpted and sleek shape possible, which often incorporates brow lamination. Brows will still be textured, just a little more groomed.

2022 wedding hair and makeup trends
Photo credit: Chantelle Kemkemian. Hair: Carolyn Gahan. Makeup: Sydney Bridal Makeup.

Fresh skin

Fresh AF skin is in. If you’re getting married in your 20’s, youth is on your side. If you’ve hit your 30’s or have kids, there’s probably a bit more admin involved. Luckily, there are now more skin products than people in the world that all promise to deliver fresh, youthful-looking skin. Plus if you start a skincare routine early enough and hire a good makeup artist, there’s no reason you can’t have radiant, fresh skin on your wedding day.

2022 wedding hair and makeup trends
Photo credit: Airlie&Co. Hair and makeup: Airlie&Co.

Hair accessories

Ribbons, crowns, hair clips, head bands and bows – one 2022 wedding hair trend will be that any kind of hair accessory goes (and sometimes, the more the merrier). If you’re wanting to mix up hairstyles between the ceremony and reception, this is any easy option.

2022 wedding hair and makeup trends
Photo credit: Airlie&Co. Hair: Airlie&Co.


The sparkly trends that were recently seen on the runways have now found their way into the world of wedding makeup. Brides are choosing to incorporate some playful, pretty sparkles into their look – whether that’s a glitter eyeshadow, high-shine lip, or a sparkly hair accessory (or all three). With this one, it’s all about having fun and feeling fabulous.

2022 wedding hair and makeup trends
Photo credit: Chantelle Kemkemian Makeup: Kelly Bowman Makeup

More blush / less contour

Come 2022 the term ‘blushing bride’ can be used quite literally. One makeup trend we expect to see is flushed cheeks and soft sculpting in lieu of hardcore contouring – a trend that goes hand in hand with the more natural, fresh-faced looks we also anticipate seeing more of. For a really luminous, natural look try using a cream blush.

2022 hair and makeup trends
Photo credit: Chantelle Kemkemian. HMUA: Rachelle Facelo.

Classic red lips

The question isn’t whether red lips are in, but if they were ever really out? Sure, people started experimenting with different bold lip colours but we always knew brides would never abandon a classic red lip look entirely. It’s glamorous, timeless and never a bad idea.

2022 wedding hair and makeup trends
Photo credit: Maple and June: Hair and makeup: Karina Prebble Makeup.

Wedding veils (of various lengths)

‘Ding, dong!’ let the wedding bells ring. Nothing says ‘I’m getting married’ more than a bridal veil. Before we saw flower crowns, embellished hair combs and those gypsy, Helen of Troy-esque hair chains (remember those?) and now we’re noticing brides everywhere wearing beautiful veils in almost every style and length (though mostly ballerina, cathedral and fingertip veils).

Sleek, low buns

You would have seen this look on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Lily Aldridge and a whole swag of other celebrities and now it’s having its moment in the bridal world. Sophisticated, weather-proof and modern this sleek, low bun with a middle part is a style that makes a statement without detracting from the rest of your ensemble.

Photo credit: Trent and Jessie. HMUA: The Future Mrs.
2nd December, 2021

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