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Wedshed Diversification Initiative – Terms & Conditions
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Words by Amy Parfett
30 August 2022
  1. The Wedshed Diversification Initiative is open to Australian and New Zealand residents who reside on or manage working farm properties or climate-affected venues in Australia.
  2. To be eligible, your primary income source must be derived from farming practices relating to agriculture and must be adversely affected by changing climate conditions OR if you manage an established wedding venue, you must be able to prove that climate change has negatively impacted your business. 
  3. To be eligible, you must submit an expression of interest and provide Wedshed with background, details, location and images of your property.
  4. Wedshed will review all expressions of interest, but reserves the right to reject any property that it deems unsuitable.
  5. The offer of one free year venue listing on Wedshed is not-transferable for cash and is valid from the date at which your property is sent live on Wedshed.
  6. Any advice and guidance provided to any properties redeeming our offer is considered recommendation-only and not legally binding.
  7. Wedshed will not be liable to the venue, for loss or damage on the premises in relation to weddings.
  8. The venue is responsible for ensuring premises/property is in compliance with all applicable laws, tax requirements, insurance requirements, and rules and regulations that may apply to any venue included in a listing.
  9. Wedshed does not guarantee successful bookings.
  10. Wedshed is a platform to market venues on. We do offer bookings and operations management of certain wedding venues – request further information on this service if you are interested.

Please see our full list of Wedshed’s Terms and Conditions here.

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