Hunter, NSW - Australia

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Hello, Lovely Couples of Australia!

Big congrats on choosing forever with your favourite person! Your dreamy day deserves a soundtrack as spectacular and genuine as your love story.

Enter Uptown: We’re not just a band; we’re a six-piece harmony delivering pure joy, vibes, and celebration! With our dynamic dual male and female lead vocals, we breathe life into romantic duets, feel-good grooves, and party-pumping anthems that’ll get everyone, from Nanna to your best mates, lighting up the dance floor! Our seasoned musicians will deliver sets so epic, they’ll leave your guests proclaiming it the most fun they’ve ever had at a wedding.

Whether it’s the poignant “I do” moment, a sunset canapé session, or a starlit dance-off, we tailor every note to echo the heartbeat of your unique love journey.

Can’t wait to chat further and discuss how we can make your special day even more memorable with our music.


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Sheddies Special

Mention ‘Sheddies Special’ to get FREE wireless mics for MC/speeches with your booking! Valued at $150, enjoy enhanced audience engagement with the freedom to roam during your wedding formalities. Exclusive for WedShed clients!

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