Mile High Australia

Melbourne, VIC - Australia

About This Vendor

Experience the ultimate in Gold Class, luxury wedding transportation with Mile High Australia.

Renowned for class & comfort, our helicopters and corporate jets provide that perfect Wow factor and entrance on your dream day. Helicopters are safe, punctual & maintain a standard of care that covers much more than any other transport can provide.

Unlike regular transport, helicopters provide the level of sophistication and class that you deserve on your wedding day.
Imagine; arriving at the airport or large open paddock. stepping aboard a luxurious helicopter, perhaps for the first time.
Opening that bottle of champaign, water, or beverage of your choice while having some complimentary photographs taken by our photographer.
Step aboard a luxurious helicopter put on the headset, talk to the pilot, and your wedding party. feel the rush as the helicopter lifts off the ground.

Upon arrival, the pilot will circle the venue before landing in front of your family and guests.

All this time you have been on camera, As has the takeoff, journey, and landing. This footage is perfect for reliving and making lifelong memories.

We pride ourselves on our renowned high level of professionalism. Most of all, we want to a part of your Wedding day, helping you to make lifelong memories. Looking for something extra special? Contact us today.


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