Marshall of Ceremonies

Central Coast, NSW - Australia

About This Vendor

Who am I?
I’m a real estate property manager that goes rogue and also officiates marriages!! Why? Or WHY NOT!! Having worked in the real estate industry for 20 years as a property manager, I truly love getting to meet people and help them any way possible, after being asked a handful of times to either MC or even officiate weddings ‘ unofficially’ for friends over the years it gave me such a buzz I thought I would get qualified and start to cast my net wider, because… you know, once all my friends are married, then what!

Me in a nutshell!
I love a party, I love food, I love Christmas, I love dogs and I love my little family which consists of my partner Louise, our daughter Dolly and our british/french bulldog Walnut.

What do I bring to my celebrant business?
I remove the stress, I make it simple and easy to create a unique and tailored ceremony that’s just right for you. To be sure of that you’ll also need to make sure I am just right for you – so call me today for a chat!


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