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Darwin, NT - Australia

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CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for choosing to visit my page and considering me as your Celebrant. Your Wedding Ceremony deserves to be a celebration all about you and your partner’s bond.
Your personalised and unique ceremony comes with all my love, care, and expertise when we design a ceremony that you and your loved ones will never forget.

After initially embarking on a teaching career, my life took a sharp turn when an opportunity presented itself to become a tour guide in Europe. I have since traversed the globe, visiting every continent (including Antarctica!) and engaging diverse groups of people from all aspects of life. Making people feel comfortable whilst enjoying a shared experience is a passion of mine and something that I would love to share with you on your day.
What are my loves you ask? This may surprise you.. but I have my gold certificate in quoting most Disney films whilst munching on any pizza you can put in front of me. Oh, and I’m quite unique as I’m probably the only person in the world that refuses to eat avocado! Give me a tin of milo any day

As a trained and experienced school teacher, I specialise in managing large and small groups with confidence, humour and sincerity. Before, during and after the ceremony you can count on me to be there to make your day a fitting celebration of love and family.

Celebrity Celebrant: Oh and did I mention I was famous for 15 minutes? That’s right, I even was on BBC world news for a live TV interview! (watch this video

What sets me apart?
Fun and Positive: I’m all about creating a professional, yet fun experience for everyone involved
Sincerity: I listen and I genuinely care. My passion and aim is to make you comfortable and at ease whilst ensuring you receive a professional and enjoyable experience with me
Open Minded and Flexible: I am flexible and adaptable to whatever style of wedding you want. Harry Potter style wedding theme? Awesome. Lets dress up.. Your Day, Your Way!
Don’t know what you want? Not a problem! Even if you don’t know what you want, I will be able to shape the ceremony to match your personalities
Speaking: I’m very familiar with speaking in public. My style is relaxed, clear and enjoyable to listen to. I am confident, engaging, and know how to hold an audience (10 years tour guiding with a mix of teaching has ironed this out perfectly). I certainly can also MC your big event
Availability: I will always reply promptly. I won’t leave you once the formalities are over. I will always be available for you and I offer a lifetime of help service
Cultural Sensitivity: I take all the time it needs to make sure we get your story into your ceremony, exactly the way you want it to be told, and to respect your personal values and beliefs
Transparency: There will be no nasty surprises or hidden costs with me. No tricks, what you see is what you get!
Calm and Organised: Professional management of the unexpected


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  • Three words that describe you? Fun, Charismatic and Sincere
  • Favourite place in the world? Switzerland and Antarctica
  • #1 dance-floor song request Murder on the dance floor - Because this is exactly what I do with my terrible dancing haha
  • Best wedding-related tip? Embrace mistakes and the unexpected!
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