Kevin Lue Photography

Sydney, NSW - Australia

About This Vendor

I’m a photojournalist wedding photographer that loves to focus on one thing – you! Stories that are 100% human that celebrates who you are and I’m just there to document your day. So enjoy, relax and leave the rest to me. I won’t get you to do awkward poses but instead, I’ll just let you be you.

We all have our stories, quirks and weirdness that makes us unique so share some of that with me! I love to capture moments that people can appreciate and I want to deliver a beautiful and real storyboard that can be cherished forever and shared with loved ones.

My style is unobtrusive, reportage, natural, modern and fun. I want to capture all the moments you’ll be too busy to notice. You’ll be left with a beautiful storyboard of your wedding day.

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  • Fav thing about your job? This is such a trick question because there are lots of favourites about my job which is why I love doing what I do. But probably the most stand out is the first reaction my couples give when they first see their photos. Their joy becomes my joy and it is truly special to bring back those special memories to them.
  • Three things you'd take to a deserted island? Camera - Nothing is more annoying than seeing something so beautiful in front of you but no one believes you! Phone - Yep you got to upload it on insta and last but not least an external battery pack! Imagine running out of batteries on a deserted island! Arrgghh, yea you probably won't survive very long with me.
  • Best wedding-related tip? Try not to control the situation but let go of the situation and work with what you have. Which means don't stress on the day! I know it's easier said than done and there's a million things flying through your head but those things most likely won't be remembered after the wedding, but how your mood affected the day would be.
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