Sydney, NSW - Australia

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Looking for a fun guest book alternative? Look no further!

The team at Galleri offers a video guest book, which is a fun and unique way to capture the well-wishes of loved ones. Guests can record short, funny, and heartfelt video messages filled with love. Customised questions are tailored to each wedding ensuring every playback becomes a cherished treasure.

Galleri’s services don’t stop there. The team also specialises in producing and curating wedding content, which offers an additional avenue for couples to relive and share their cherished memories immediately after their wedding day. Understanding the eagerness to share these moments, Galleri ensures a swift delivery, providing hundreds of photos and videos, including ready-to-post Reels, within 24 hours.

Galleri genuinely appreciate the unparalleled and unrepeatable experience of a wedding day and would be honoured to be included in such a special occasion.


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