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NSW - Australia

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Form Over Function is a boutique event company which has been creating, styling and generally making beautiful events happen — always with an eye for the details that matter — for nearly twenty years. So our passion and creativity is backed up by serious amounts of on the ground, hands on, we-made-it-all-happen experience.

From small intimate celebrations to outdoor cocktail parties by the harbour to highly detailed, in the middle of nowhere, marquee events, we’ve got the portfolio to proves we deliver. And weddings are personal, right? So, so is our service. We’re a package free zone, and proudly so: you get to chat with us, let us know what you’d like, want and need, and we come up with a proposal that’s all about you.

We also offer something really special not many other companies can: our in house team of wedding talents will be the ones selecting the flowers at market and creating them; we own everything we hire out to you so you can rest easy if it’s not in perfect condition it won’t even be on our shelves; we design the stationery your guests won’t be able to resist; we will be the ones who deliver and install everything with care. And we’ll be the ones making it magically disappear when all the dancing is done. We love that our clients tell us they feel like they are only people we’re working for. How special is that?


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  • Three words that describe you? Passionate. Creative. Professional. And yes it is possible to be all three at once!
  • Best wedding-related tip? Never forget it's about the love and the marriage, not the perfect shade of peach. Don;t sweat the small stuff. That's what we're there to do for you!
  • Favourite place in the world? The planet. Have passport will travel. But NYC is right up there. And the deserts of the south west. And Paris. And Queenstown. And Florence. And I could go on but won't.
  • Tip-off on your predicted next wedding trend? Couples really, truly making it about what matters to them. And doughnuts!
  • Fav thing about your job? The people, the flowers and places we get to play with.
  • Last meal on earth? A 12-course degustation so I could really stretch it out. And would five courses of dessert be bad?
  • Three things you'd take to a deserted island? My husband, a library full of novels, design and architecture books and a small commercial kitchen so I could cook anything I wanted always.
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