Ben Howland

Hunter, NSW - Australia

About This Vendor

I’ve been doing this gig since 2010, covering over 400 weddings. You look best when you’re confident & relaxed, and I can calm the most camera-shy of couples. You know days when the wedding party disappear for hours? Not my style. Ever been asked to repeat something for a photo? Won’t happen here. I get it right the first time and get you back to the party.

I love photographing all kinds of weddings – whatever the style, size, culture or gender. I learn what makes your wedding unique and capture that. I use completely silent cameras and chase real moments over awkward portraits.

Stuff that’s important to me :

• Supporting marriage equality
• Encouraging couples to make the day their own
• Photographing everyone, not just the couple
• It’s a wedding, not a photo shoot
• Crafting albums with no watermarks or logos
• Straightforward pricing
• Helping plan your day
• Using the best gear available
• Bringing backup cameras + lenses
• Keeping data safe & holding insurance (I have never lost a photo)


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  • Favourite place in the world? It sounds obvious, but home - Newcastle. It's big enough but still small enough. Every time we find somewhere new that we love, we still decide that we'd rather live here.
  • Best wedding-related tip? Don’t follow tradition for the sake of following tradition. Figure out what’s important to you and run with that.
  • Three words that describe you? Relaxed, genuine and lanky.
  • Fav thing about your job? The moments just after the ceremony, when it’s an all out hug-fest. You can see the joy on people’s faces - it’s impossible not to get caught up in the excitement.
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