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Urban Yet Accessibly Cool: Rupert on Rupert
This industrial venue nestled in Collingwood has several unique spaces, complemented by an oasis of plants and a transparent ceiling, allowing your guests to bask in natural, beautiful light.
Words by Melany Mashman
5 September 2019

Owned by husband and wife duo Ric and Mali, this urban yet accessibly cool Melbourne wedding venue Rupert on Rupert was born out of their shared passion for good food.

Ric’s passion for horticulture, construction and design, and Mali’s experience in floristry and event management marry well in the business of bringing people together in beautiful spaces to celebrant love. Read on to find out more about this Melbourne wedding venue, Rupert on Rupert.

Can you tell us a bit about what makes your offering unique?

Rupert is a classic old industrial warehouse converted into a temple of beauty. The vibe is at once welcoming, relaxed, full of heart, and generous of spirit, with a team of staff that genuinely love what they do, and love to celebrate love!

What are some of the perks of getting married at Rupert on Rupert that couples might not realise?

We like to say yes whenever we can! Each couple is unique, every love story its own, so it is important to create an experience that is bespoke and personally meaningful to the individuals rather than the industry stereotypes. To ensure the magic happens, Wedding Manager, Mali brings a combination of creative mojo and practical support to the process of consulting, managing the logistics along the way, and executing the vision with passion and professionalism on the wedding day.

How did you get involved with weddings? What was the motivation?

Much to our surprise and delight, weddings got involved with us! Although weddings were never part of the original business plan, the unique design and astonishing evergreen beauty of the space began to speak for itself and word spread like wildfire. We quickly realised that hosting an event would ultimately be the most important and joy-filled day in someone’s life and that was pretty hard to beat!

Tell us about the facilities your venue offers.

Rupert is an all-inclusive restaurant and cocktail bar with an exquisite indoor Conservatory that makes for the perfect wedding aisle. What’s ours is yours for the day, and if there is something you need that we don’t have, our Wedding Manager can help you source it.

Most commonly asked questions? (Oh, and what are the answers?)

There are the obvious questions of course, like inclusions vs exclusions, flexibility regarding styling, and time frames. Whilst questions relating to a budget are no doubt important, we believe questions that are more value-based are crucial. Are we like-minded? Do we fit together? Will our vision be both heard and realised at this venue? And for me, as Rupert’s Wedding Manager, the most important question to ask is directed inwards. How do you feel here, in this space? Is it worthy of the most important moment of your life? Ideally, the answer to this question should be that you feel both respected, trusting, and extraordinarily excited about the adventure that awaits!

ceremony at Rupert on Rupert
dining at melbourne wedding venue

What’s your favourite thing that you’ve seen a couple do at your venue?

Love each other like crazy! How they uniquely express this love is always my favourite thing. But their way is their way and your way is your way, so the secrets are safe!

What advice would you give to couples currently planning their wedding?

I encourage couples to resist the seductive lure of the wedding ‘industry’ as best they can as it so often generates anxiety, unhelpful comparisons and a whole lot of credit card debt! Weddings should be about celebrating your love for one another with the people you cherish most in the world, and that you feel most at home with, in a place that soothes the soul and enhances the romance. More than anything, I recommend making meaningful choices that increase the wonder and sense of excitement without building too much pressure in the process. That’s where I come in.

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