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  • How does it work?

    Wedshed brings together a collection of unique venues around Australia and New Zealand. It’s a go-to place for those relaxed and open-minded couples that are looking for something a bit special.

    In a nutshell, Wedshed helps connect couples with you via a simple and easy to use directory.

    You might already be doing this, but can see the benefit of being listed on a platform that brings together a collection of consistently awesome venues that attract clear-sighted, creative couples. Or you might be brand new to the wedding world and are looking for a solid place to get started.

    We work with you to create a profile for your venue on Wedshed that is beautiful, simple and easily searchable. You set the price and the terms.

    Couples get in touch with you directly via our contact form, allowing you to communicate with them yourself to answer any questions or arrange a time that suits for them to view the venue. You host the venue viewing and show them all the things that make your property amazing. Then the couple can book directly with you.

    It’s all pretty simple, just the way it should be.

  • When you’re talking about venues, what exactly do you mean?

    We use the term venues to describe all the different properties and spaces listed on Wedshed that couples can hold their wedding at.

    Many of these properties and spaces aren’t actually established, functioning ‘venues’ in the traditional sense – we’re simply talking about any place open to hosting a wedding. This could be anything from a woolshed to a warehouse, and everything in between.

  • What's the cost?

    It’s an annual fee to list your venue on Wedshed – check out our prices here.

    We take $0 commission. If a couple chooses your space, we know how much effort goes into the wedding liaison and prep. There’s no way we would take a slice of those proceeds – you earned it, so you keep it.

    What we do is market the bejeezus out of your venue.

  • How do you price venues?

    You, as a venue owner, set the price. We’re here to give you guidance if you need and will work with you to choose a price that we both feel is fair for the venue.

    If you find you’re not getting as many enquiries as you’d hoped, we can review the price and see if it could be made more competitive. Equally, if you added something to your venue that increases it’s potential hire value, we can adjust the price to reflect these additions.

  • Do you list all venues?

    No. We only list venues that we can see the potential in for our couples.

    There are various factors that we take into account when reviewing a potential Wedshed venue, including the look and feel of a place and elements like views, facilities, uniqueness and access to nearby towns. Our venues are places that we could see ourselves getting married in.

    At the end of the day, we want to make sure that Wedshed maintains a reputation for listing unique and special spaces without compromise. Our partners are incredibly important to us (without them we wouldn’t exist) and we want them to feel that they sit with good stock, so we’ve got a bit of a standard.

  • Do I get information about the couple contacting me?

    Yes. When a couple opts to contact you, the contact form encourages the couple to share some personal info and a bit about themselves.

    We want both parties to feel comfortable throughout the entire process, which is why we also encourage you to share info about yourself on your venue profile.

  • Why should I allow weddings at my venue?

    Our venue partners choose to host weddings for various reasons.

    Many of our venue partners already allow people to stay at or visit their properties (holiday rentals and wineries for example), so weddings are just an extension of what they’re already doing. Weddings offer a brilliant opportunity to reach a large number of like-minded people. They bring people on your premises first-hand, create word-of-mouth recommendations and are hugely sharable on social media – all things that can significantly drive future bookings and business.

    Many of our venue partners are already holding weddings, as they recognise that there’s a massive demand for unique spaces to hold these sorts of special celebrations.

    For some of our venues, it’s a great way to earn some extra income from a property or piece of land that may otherwise lay vacant for some of the year.

    And most of our venue partners just recognise that it’s a really good feeling to help a couple bring to life their dream wedding plans. It’s a way to meet new people and have something in the back pocket at the end of the day.

  • Why should I list my venue through WedShed?

    Customisation is the biggest wedding trend in Australia and New Zealand, which means couples are increasingly looking for venues that reflect what they’re all about. But they’re not always easy to find.

    Wedshed brings together a collection of unique venues on the one platform so that they’re easily found. It’s a go-to place for those relaxed and open-minded couples that are looking for something a bit special.

    By being listed on Wedshed you join a collection of out-of-the-ordinary properties. We attract a particular kind of couple (the awesome ‘bridechilla’ kind) and we’re the only resource existing for the sole purpose of connecting couples and venues in Australia and New Zealand.

    Weddings offer a brilliant opportunity to reach a large number of like-minded people. They bring people on your premises first-hand, create word-of-mouth recommendations and are hugely sharable on social media – all things that can significantly drive future bookings and business.

    Let’s not also forget that weddings are beautiful, happy occasions and it’s a wonderful feeling to help bring someone’s dream plans to life.

    We’re not just a wedding booking platform though. Our ‘Wedspiration’ blog is a go-to for couples seeking inspiration and we regularly feature our venues as content, as well as on our social media platforms. Consider us a marketing tool.

  • What is the level of commitment?

    Opening your property/space to become a wedding venue is a big commitment. That’s not to be confused with a lot of work though – it’s completely up to you whether you choose to be hands-on in any degree or just simply hand over the keys on the big day and dust off your hands.

    Selecting a wedding venue is often the first and most important choice a couple makes when planning a wedding and generally shapes the way the rest of the celebration comes together (e.g. how many guests they can invite, whether they need additional accommodation, which suppliers they’ll work with etc.).

    You can expect couples will always want to view the space before committing to it, so you need to be prepared to play host and be a little flexible with your time.

    One way to manage this would be to set yourself ‘open days’, where you arrange for multiple couples to visit your space on the one day. We would always recommend though, meeting couples on a one-on-one basis, as this allows the couple to comfortably ask any questions they may have and makes it a more personal experience.

    Becoming a venue partner means regularly checking your email, being contactable and responding to enquiries within a day or two days – the sooner the better – to give the couple confidence in you.

    The most important thing however, is just being upfront and honest from the beginning about your offering so that everyone is on the same page from the get go.

  • Can I log-in and make edits to my venue profile myself?

    Yes you can. You’ll have a personal log-in to the back end of your venue profile and can make changes yourself. We’re also equally happy to help you here too.

  • How do you market my venue to couples?

    Through a variety of channels, namely:

    • Our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)
    • Our blog, Wedspiration
    • Media relations and influencer outreach
    • Participation in industry events
    • Targeted advertising through channels we align with

    We see building good relationships with industry folk as really important in spreading the Wedshed word too. Which is why when we first began developing the platform, we reached out to a bunch of our favourite suppliers across the country. And we’re not big on the brag, but we got some pretty incredible feedback that made us realise that we were onto a good thing and would be supported by the wedding community.

  • Do I get to see how many views my property is getting?

    Yes – when you log-in to the back end of your venue profile, you will be able to see how many page views your venue is getting. We also share traffic reports with our venues so you can see how many people are visiting the site and who they are – this demographic info is really useful for your own marketing efforts.

  • What makes you different from a venue-listing website?

    A great deal actually:

    • Wedshed brings together a collection of handpicked wedding venues that can be both viewed and booked in the same place. It’s the first platform of its kind that focuses solely on wedding venues all across Australia and New Zealand.
    • Wedshed is the first platform to list non-venue venues, if you get what we’re saying. A lot of our partners are privately owned or blank-canvas spaces – not traditional wedding function venues. We attract open-minded couples who care deeply about their big day and are after something different and more personal
    • We’re selective about the venues we list. Each venue is reviewed to make sure it fits in with what WedShed is all about which means – it’s not about who’s got the cash to splash
    • The fact that we’re super dedicated to helping couples discover cool wedding venues means that we’re super dedicated to marketing them. All of our Wedshed venues receive the benefits of our efforts to direct traffic to our platform.
  • Do I need council approval to become a wedding venue?

    Every council is different and every property fall into different zoning. It is up to you to contact your local council to find out what applications you may need to complete to ensure you comply with your local council and we strongly encourage you to do so.

  • What happens if someone damages my venue? Or if someone hurts themselves while on my venue?

    It’s essential that you check with your insurance provider about what’s required to protect yourself and it’s your responsibility to keep this up to date. We take no responsibility for any damage or injuries that may occur as a result of weddings.

    Public Liability insurance is essentially third party insurance designed to protect not only members of the public, but also visitors, trespassers, sub-contractors or anyone else who may be physically injured and/or whose property may be damaged while in the boundaries of the space you are responsible. We recommend contacting your insurance provider or a professional insurance broker to advise you on what product best suits your needs.

  • What if I don’t have any decent photos of my venue?

    We can help by recommending local photographers we trust to come and capture the beauty and personality of your space.

    We can also provide tips on what parts of your venue will be most important to couples, so that you know the kind of images will be the most useful for your Wedshed venue profile.

  • Can I let people stay over night?

    Of course – if your venue also offers accommodation or allows people to stay, then by all means. This is included in the cost of your venue hire, so just make sure you set your price accordingly.

  • I have multiple venues - do you offer any discounts?

    Yes, we offer a multi-business discount of 15% for any individual/company listing several services with us. To request a discount code, email us at hello@wedshed.com.au.

  • What are the next steps?

    If you’d like to get involved, just click on List Venue, share your details and we’ll get in touch to discuss your suitability and get you set up.

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