Hey there! Are you looking for non-BS wedding planning advice? You’ve come to the right place. We’re two ladies who’ve been there, done that and understand any help or direction is as good as gold.

If you’ve got a question first check out our Wedshed Wedspiration Blog because your question might already be answered.

Are you looking for a venue? Have you seen our ridiculously awesome list of Wedshed venues? Check them out here and you can even filter by region, the size of your wedding and style. If you’ve had no luck and are looking for more direction on finding a venue. Feel free to shoot us an email at hello@wedshed.com.au but please keep in mind we get hundreds of requests every week and we’re doing our best to respond. If you do get in touch be sure to tell us what region you’re hoping to get hitched in.

Still have a question not answered? 

Check out our FAQs to see if the answer lies below, otherwise feel welcome to contact us via hello@wedshed.com.au – we’re always happy to help.

  • When you’re talking about venues, what exactly do you mean?

    We use the term venues to describe the different properties and spaces listed on Wedshed that couples can hold their wedding at.

    Many of these properties and spaces aren’t actually established, functioning ‘venues’ in the traditional sense – we’re simply talking about any place open to hosting a wedding. This could be anything from a woolshed to a warehouse, and everything in between.

  • Do I communicate with the owner or with WedShed once I’ve booked the venue?

    Your communication is with the owner/manager of the venue. We simply connect you – there’s no one more knowledgeable about the venue than these guys and they will be able to assist with any questions you have in the lead up to your big day.

  • How do I arrange a viewing at the venue?

    Simply hit the ‘Send Enquiry or Arrange Viewing’ button on the venue’s profile page and fill out the contact form. This is sent directly to the venue owner/manager who will be in touch to coordinate a time that works for you both.

  • How do I book a venue?

    Venue booking happen directly with the venue owner or manager – we’re simply here to help you find an awesome space for the big day.

  • Can I stay at the venue?

    Many of our venues offer accommodation – this information is easily viewed on the venue’s unique profile page.

  • What happens if my venue cancels on me or I need to cancel my venue?

    If for any unfortunate and highly unlikely reason the wedding is not able to go ahead, each venue should have its own cancellation policy within the venue’s terms and conditions.

  • Can I use my own caterer?

    Many of our venues allow you to use your own preferred caterer. This is something to check with the venue owner or manager.

  • Can I BYO to my venue?

    Many of our venues allow you to purchase and supply your own alcohol, while some require you to purchase alcohol supplied by them, such as wineries and restaurants. We list this information on the venue’s profile page but double-check with the owner/manager if you’re unsure.

  • What about insurance? Do I need to get it?

    The venue should have Public Liability Insurance, which protects them against any damage to the property and in the event that someone injures himself or herself while on the property.

    In terms of covering yourself, there are many wedding-insurance providers online that can cover you in the event of any unforeseen events. Purchasing wedding insurance is a personal decision – we’d recommend jumping online and doing some research to see if this feels like the right decision for you.

  • How do you decide what venues are listed on WedShed?

    Quite simply, we only list venues that we here at Wedshed would be happy getting hitched in ourselves. We’re proud to bring together a collection of consistently awesome spaces and feel it wouldn’t be fair to you or to our venues if we lowered the standard.

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