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What’s The Best Season To Get Married In? We Discuss The Pros + Cons

What’s the best season to get married in? That’s a question we get asked a lot and it really depends on where you’re getting married, what the weather does in that part of the world and what climate you feel most comfortable in.

If it’s a region that’s scorching in summer, perhaps look at the dates out of peak heat, you won’t want sweaty pits when you’re walking down the aisle. Or if it’s a region that’s tropical, steer clear of the wet season (unless the venue options an indoor option that you’re totally happy with)

Judging by Australia’s weather as of late, it can be pretty unpredictable. Our secret sauce, check out the historical data on the Bureau of Meteorology for what the weather was like for the date and region you’re thinking. This should give you a good guide on how things might stack up on the day based on the last few years.

Read on to get the full DL on every season’s pros and cons.

Featured photography by Ashleigh Haase.

best season to get married in
Photography Ona Janzen for Whspr Studio at Waldara Farm.



  • Great weather and plenty of sunshine. 
  • It’s a great time to host a farm or beach wedding. 
  • People want to party all night because it’s a lot warmer.
  • There’s plenty of daylight – this one is a biggie. If you opt for a winter wedding, you’re likely to have to shift things forward a bit due to the loss of light.
  • Your recovery session can be spent in the pool


  • People get hot and sweaty, especially those in suits 
  • Harsh sunlight at lunchtime for photos can make it tough on your photographer to snap the kind of shots you’re after.
  • People are generally busier at holiday houses or away on holidays locally in Australia.
  • You could be competing with other people’s dates to get RSVPs.
  • Accommodation can be more expensive during peak summer dates



  • It’s still warm enough to feel comfortable in a short or no-sleeve wedding dress.
  • The colours are beautiful.
  • People are generally more likely to be around and staying put – so they’re available


  • It’s a popular time for weddings so you’ll need to be organised to get the venue and vendors you’re after.
  • You could be competing with other people’s dates to get RSVPs.
  • It can be warm in the day and chilly at night so you need to cater for the weather change.



  • Long-sleeve wedding dresses (yas).
  • All your closest mates around gorgeous bonfires.
  • Red/mulled wine.
  • People want to party as for many it’s been a while since they’ve been out to something social like a wedding.
  • Increased venue and vendor availability.
  • Sometimes you’ll even snag a discounted rate as it’s “off-season”.
  • Lunchtime weddings.


  • No big surprise here, but if you are a fan of the cold weather, this could easily end up in the “pro” list.
  • There are generally less floral options, as less is in season.
  • It gets darker earlier, meaning you might have to shift your day around when the light is at its best.



  • There is an abundance of pretty blooms in season.
  • It’s a bloody beautiful time of year.
  • Venues are looking green and blossoming.
  • The weather is an absolute delight.


  • It’s peak season – so you’ll need to get your ducks in a row fast.
  • It can still be quite cold in the evenings so make sure you cater for this.


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11th May, 2020

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