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Tastemakers: In The Booth

Ever wondered why so many couples opt to have a photo booth at their wedding?

Three words: hours of entertainment. Plus, a great way to capture some candid moments of your guests that you may not otherwise have seen. We chatted to the good folk at In The Booth, who are pioneers of the wedding photo booth space.

Tell us about yourself/your business.

In the Booth’s iconic photo booths have been bringing joy to weddings, parties and corporate gatherings since 2009. We are dedicated to preserving the authentic ‘photos behind a curtain’ experience for our clients and their guests. We strive to seamlessly combine today’s technology and image quality with the unique form of entertainment only a photo booth can bring.

Sum up your style in one sentence.

We aim to capture the era of drive-in movies, seaside arcades and Saturday dances in all we do, as we believe timeless entertainment never goes out of style.

How did you find yourself in the wedding industry?

In 2009, the only photo booths available were factory manufactured shopping-centre-style booths, designed to capture passport photos and nothing more.

We saw an opportunity to design the ideal event photo booth from scratch; something that would look amazing in any venue and capture full frame, stunning images in high resolution for clients and guests alike to treasure. The original In the Booth photo booth was a success from day one and we became a franchised company in 2010 in order to keep up with growing demand for In the Booth services all over Australia.

Can you share any up and coming trends in your line of work?

It’s been amazing to watch our awesome industry bridge the gap between timeless entertainment and modern technologies. In the Booth treads very carefully on the line of welcoming new technology, but not sacrificing what is the quintessential photo booth experience (i.e. not a hundred people in a room together staring at their mobile phones!).

The magic of a photo booth is created by guests enjoying being together, and we do everything in our power to preserve that. In late 2015, we were very excited to launch our custom designed app – a first for the photo booth industry. We had seen the changes with guest image-sharing preferences and so developed our app with our clients and their guests at the forefront of our mind. There are plenty of ‘upload direct to social media’ options in the industry but we wanted something that placed image ownership and privacy directly in the hands of our guests. We’re excited for the future!

How about trends that you’d prefer couples leave behind?

It’s amazing to look back on vintage photo booth strips from the forties and fifties and realise how simple and beautiful the images are. When photo booths first had a resurgence from around 2007 onwards, people went crazy for props and accessories – it was hard to make out the guests under the glitter hats and feather boas! People realise now that a photo booth isn’t just awesome entertainment – it extends your professional photography and captures a side of your guests you may not have seen before.

Guests will be amazingly creative on their own and don’t require a suitcase full of plastic accessories. We’re seeing a lean toward couples choosing not to include props so the true personalities of their guests shine through. Whilst we do include a small prop kit with our packages, we have specially selected classic items that don’t over power the images and encourage guest creativity.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Most definitely receiving feedback from our clients after an event; good or bad. The good is great for obvious reasons! We love hearing from our customers how their photo booth photos are some of their favourites from their wedding or that they weren’t intending to have a photo booth at first, but now they feel it was the best decision they made for their wedding. And the bad? As a business, if you’re not willing to receive negative feedback, then you’re not willing to grow and improve!

Some of our most important developments in client care have come through suggestions from our clients themselves. We truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to give us their honest opinion.

Are there any preconceptions about your line of work that you’d like to smash for us here?

Photo booths have become an event staple over the past few years and we of all people understand why! They offer that elusive element of je ne sais quoi; that special something that keeps guests coming back for more.

When a product becomes more popular, it’s easy to assume that one thing is the same as another but it’s just not true. Do thorough research and assume nothing! Just like you wouldn’t assume a trip to the local show will be the same experience as a trip to Disneyland, so it is with your photo booth company. Your chosen photo booth company won’t just be providing a photo booth and they’re not just snapping a few pictures. They’ll be responsible for the quality of every touch point of your booking and most importantly, the experience you want for your friends and family on one of the most important days of your life.

What do you hope couples that have worked with you would say about you?

That as a customer of In the Booth, they felt appreciated, listened to and special. We want our clients to be able to reflect on their In the Booth experience as one of the best decisions they made for their day and that every time they see their photo booth images, they smile.

What’s the biggest tip you’d give to couples planning their wedding?

Instead of thinking of your wedding now, think about it in fifty years’ time. Think about styling, fashion and products that have stood the test of time. What makes your grandparent’s wedding, held in the local dance hall, so captivatingly beautiful? What features of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy have made them style icons for decades? Choose classic elegance over trends and you’ll get it right every time.

You can find of In The Booth‘s work in these places:, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

21st July, 2016

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